5 reasons you need a room & desk reservation tool

Re-entering the workplace post-COVID is a daunting task. Business priorities have changed, and companies’ 2020 and 2021 technology strategies are being revised, if not shelved. Many clients JLLT works with are establishing a phased approach to re-entry, requiring a new perspective on the technology needed to ensure safety, business continuity, cost containment, and quick decision making. A key tool to achieving these goals, a room and desk reservation management system, delivers the following benefits:

  1. Deliver on a promise of safety and wellness to employees, visitors, and anyone that comes in contact with them. People, now more than ever, want companies to stand behind the statement that the workplace is “safe.” A reservation system helps ensure that promise. Employees can open an app on their phone to book a desk with confirmation of cleanliness and a visible floor plan showing the next open desk is socially distanced. They are also able to see what conference rooms are available and clean while confirming how many people can safely occupy that room. Visitors check-in to a building via QR code or kiosk and autonomously navigate without having to interact with others.
  2. Identify a strategy to optimize or reconfigure space to meet employee workstyles with an eye on savings. By understanding the true usage and occupancy of desks and conference rooms, it’s possible to make data-driven decisions that aid in minimizing space costs.
  3. Capture direct feedback on optimized office space and better understand workers’ sense of wellbeing. Getting feedback on how the re-entry process works is imperative to building continued trust. A reservation system allows employees to rate cleanliness and level of comfort with the safety protocols in place.
  4. Simplify tasks that erode productivity. Creating an autonomous way to safely book desks or conference rooms from home, in advance of a trip to the office, lets employees immediately begin working once inside the office. It also guarantees less contact with others when entering the building.
  5. Enable “self-attestation” of wellness and health directly from employees. “Self-attestation” is a new term gaining in popularity in our “new normal”. Simply put, it allows employees to self-attest to their health. When someone books a desk or conference room, they have the freedom to report their current temperature or if they’ve been COVID tested recently. An app can also be used to provide an employee’s most recent activities in the office if they later test positive for COVID.

Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace has become a crucial component in today’s business environment. Keeping employees and visitors well isn’t just a nicety…it makes good business sense. With a modern room and desk reservation system, employees and partners can focus on business instead of worrying about their wellbeing—saving time, resources, and money and driving increased productivity and positive business outcomes.