5 reasons you need a room & desk reservation tool like JLL Jet

Re-entering the workplace as the COVID-19 pandemic abates is a daunting task. Business priorities have changed, and companies are revising their future technology strategies. Many organizations are employing a phased approach to re-entry and thus have a new perspective on the types of technology they need to ensure worker safety, business continuity, cost containment, and rapid decision-making.

A mobile room- and desk-reservation management system such as JLL Jet is key to achieving these goals and will yield five major benefits.

  1. Ensure the safety and wellness of employees, visitors, and anyone who comes in contact with them

    People, now more than ever, want companies to stand behind their promise of a safe, clean workplace. A reservation system is one clear way to deliver on that promise. Employees can open a mobile app to book a desk with confirmation of cleanliness—and see a floor plan showing the adjacent desks are spaced to allow social distancing. They’re also able to see which conference rooms are available and clean and determine how many people can safely occupy a room. Workers check in to buildings and spaces using touchless, in-app features and can use live maps to navigate to their destination.

  2. Enable “self-attestation” of wellness and health by employees

    “Self-attestation” is, simply put, when employees attest to their health before entering a building or space. When someone books a desk or conference room or before they enter the office, they should be required to complete a simple health survey. A reservation system that incorporates this procedure into the workflow makes it easy for employees to comply with policies. Reservation data can also be used for contact tracing and tracking an employee’s most recent activities in the office, should they later test positive for COVID-19.

  3. Capture feedback on optimized spaces and workers’ sense of well-being

    Getting feedback on how the re-entry process works is imperative to building trust. A reservation system that’s part of a broader employee experience platform allows workers to receive important communication and to provide useful feedback such as ratings for cleanliness and level of comfort with current safety protocols.

  4. Simplify tasks that erode productivity

    Having an autonomous way to book desks or conference rooms from anywhere, before heading into the office, allows employees to begin working immediately once they’re inside. This also guarantees less contact with others when entering the building. Plus, integrating reservation processes into broader workflows—such as automated cleaning orders on check-out or adding rooms and video conferencing into meeting bookings—save even more time.

  5. Identify cost-effective ways to optimize spaces to meet employee work styles

    By understanding the true usage and occupancy of desks and conference rooms, it’s possible to make data-driven decisions that help minimize space costs. Reservation data offers a trove of space utilization insights.

Visible safety procedures and frequent, clear communication are essential to winning the trust of employees and are a great first step in helping them rediscover the value of working in the office.

With JLL Jet, employees and partners can focus on the work at hand instead of worrying about their well-being—saving time, resources, and money and driving increased productivity and positive business outcomes.