Implement Forbes’ return-to-office suggestions with JLL Jet

An overwhelming 82% of corporate real estate (CRE) and facilities management (FM) leaders surveyed in a March study conducted by Forrester Consulting reported that ensuring the health and safety of employees and visitors was “challenging” or “extremely challenging.” Given the recent surge in COVID 19 cases, these concerns haven’t faded. Decision-makers must continue to develop smart strategies for return-to-office that instill employees with confidence.

Forbes outlined several strategies, each prescribed by a member of the Forbes Business Council, to ensure a successful return. We’ve supplemented our favorite recommendations with a few quick tips on how to use JLL Jet, a mobile-first app designed to power the hybrid workplace, to apply these strategies efficiently.

“Listen, investigate, collaborate”

Jet’s booking functionality, powered by an intelligent scheduling agent, can solve the logistical problems of return-to-office and help you better understand employee concerns. This includes scenarios where leadership needs to communicate unexpected shifts in operational strategies to the entire workforce—in-office workstations, remote employees, and teams in conference rooms—and social distancing concerns must be accounted for.

“Get employee buy-in”

Companies get workers on board with their return-to-office plans by creating an atmosphere of transparency and access to information. Another way to ease employees back into the office is digitally enabling employees to choose how and when they want to work. Jet can assist in this process by making relevant policy updates, data resources, and public health guidelines available to users on-demand via their mobile devices.

“Don’t force it”

Focus first on opportunities to incentive employees back to the office with a carrot, rather than a stick. JLL Jet was built with the hybrid workplace in mind, providing you with the flexibility to allow employees to return to the office at their own pace. Location-based features are opt-in, another way you can use Jet to extend more choice to your employees in how they navigate their return to work. When the right employees start spending more time at the office, the rest of the workforce will follow.

“Approach with empathy”

Employees are being asked to get used to a lot of change. While some are thriving due to remote work and the shift toward a hybrid workplace, others are still frustrated by their lacking digital workplace experience. Consider the potential benefits of replacing convoluted, form-based service requests and a glut of apps to manage with a single intuitive and personalized mobile solution. In addition to enhancing daily operations with a smoother employee experience, the JLL Jet’s “Ask Jet” feature is a handy way to gain insights into employee needs through direct feedback forms.

“Open partially”

If your return-to-office strategy includes using a staggered schedule, then keeping employees informed about key dates and changes in strategy is essential. Details like which coworkers are available for collaboration, updates on meeting room availability, and reminders about when the next wave of employees are expected to return to the office can be easily built into and shared via Jet’s communication tools. Jet can also assist with a partial opening by automating cleaning schedules that are triggered by employees exiting the office.

“Increase cadence of communication”

One reliable way of increasing the communication cadence and building trust during the return-to-office is making it easy for employees to get regular updates so they’re never out of the loop. Device based notifications have a proven 98% open rate. Messages scheduled and delivered by JLL Jet offer a reliable way to disseminate key information about local mandates and policy changes. The same technology can also deliver segmented, targeted updates to workers wherever they are: in the office, at home, or on the go.

“Create a dedicated COVID team”

Jet’s notification and communication systems can be segmented to target specific groups at specific locations, making the mobile app a perfect medium for distributing information to members of a specialized COVID response and planning team.

Build confidence in the return-to-office

Don’t let health and safety questions linger as you plan and implement your return-to-office strategy. Want more details about how JLL Jet can smoothen the path forward? Contact us for a demo.