JLL Jet unites employees with the hybrid workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated what we anticipated would be the future of work: the hybrid workplace. Employees who can work independently now expect the flexibility to work from anywhere, even post-pandemic. In a recent JLL survey, 72% of employees expressed a desire to split their time between the office, home, or on the road into 2021 and beyond. Companies are now faced with the challenge of delivering a seamless hybrid workplace experience to a distributed workforce.

Enabling work from home has required employers and employees to rely heavily on technology to get work done, collaborate, and communicate. Yet employees have often been unsatisfied with the tools they have. Gartner reports that two-thirds of workers expressed frustration with the effort required to use the technologies their company provides—wasting, on average, more than five hours every week. So how do we deliver consumer-grade tech experiences at work?

We built JLL Jet with the goal to help every employee be:

Employees need easy access to company news, announcements, policies, and information about programs like wellness offerings or resource groups. They also need an easier way to communicate and collaborate.

More productive
They need technologies that help them minimize busywork—such as searching for company resources and information—and that allow them to book spaces and resources on the fly.

Employees need health and well-being guidance and a clear understanding of the return-to-office protocols. They need transparency into the shared-space cleaning processes, and they need to know where to locate cleaning supplies and protective gear.

Supported and heard
Workers need easy access to IT support, HR, and facilities, and they need a simple and integrated way to provide feedback, such as employee surveys.

JLL Jet is a mobile-first app designed to power the hybrid workplace. Jet delivers smart, personalized experiences that help simplify how work gets done. You’re able to execute administrative tasks through a simple, intuitive, conversational interface that works across the systems you already have. And JLL Jet does this with an experience that is consistent whenever and wherever work is happening.

We’re excited to launch JLL Jet and look forward to helping organizations accelerate their transition to the hybrid workplace. Want to learn more? Request a demo now →

It’s your day. Just simpler.