By JLL Technologies

Call for nominations: Top Corporate Real Estate professionals

Nominate yourself or a colleague to be recognized by JLL Technologies

In 2021, we will be developing a series of content across JLL Technologies channels that highlights the leading voices in the commercial real estate industry, the people who push the envelope, the ones who geek out on industry content, the type of people we go to when we need guidance to tackle a seemingly impossible challenge.

Who is your favorite expert across corporate real estate, PropTech, facilities management, and/or portfolio management? Help us recognize their contributions and expertise by nominating them. Selection will be weighted toward the number of nominations each person receives by January 15, 2021.

Are you also an expert in CRE? Don’t be bashful. We’re accepting self-nominations as well.

The nomination process should take about two minutes for each person you nominate:

  1. Visit the nomination form
  2. Provide your name and LinkedIn URL and indicate if you’d like to nominate yourself
  3. Provide the name, LinkedIn URL, location, and email address for each nominee
  4. Submit

Additional details

Q: Will we market to them?
A: Not unless they independently opt-in.

Q: Should I tell them?
A: Please do! If they’re selected, they’ll want to keep an eye out for our notification email.

Q: How many people can I nominate?
A: You can nominate up to five people, plus yourself, each calendar year.

Q: Are any essays involved in the nomination process?
A: No. You’re busy.

Q: Is my nomination obligating my nominee to do anything?
A: No. We will confirm their participation with them if they are selected.

Q: Who is eligible?
A: The entire JLL family, anyone associated with JLL is eligible: an employee, a vendor, a partner, a client, a potential future client, or a colleague or past colleague of anyone associated with JLL.

Q: What happens if they aren’t selected?
A: We will consider them for future opportunities.

Q: Can I submit nominations after January 15?
A: Yes. We will keep the nomination process open throughout the year.

Q: What are the types of things a nominee will be invited to participate in if selected? What is the time commitment?
A: We may ask them for a quote about a topic they specialize in to be used in JLL Technologies content. We may ask them to participate in an industry event to show off their expertise, such as a webinar. We may simply recognize them for their contributions to the industry. Understanding people are busy, we will be mindful of the time commitment.