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Corrigo helps Carts and Parts provide faster service to clients

Daryl Gillit, is vice president of operations for Carts and Parts, a provider of shopping carts, supermarket equipment, and maintenance services for retail and grocery stores.

Corrigo helps Carts and Parts increase lines of communication with store-level managers, crew leaders, and crew teams. Corrigo automation accelerates invoice submittal and payment.

Carts and Parts uses JLL Marketplace, the e-commerce platform for facilities, to order supplies from multiple retailers in one consolidated invoice.

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The most important thing that Corrigo brings is support. Corrigo teams are constantly asking how they can help us.

Daryl Gillit

Vice President of Operations, Carts and Parts, Inc.


Video transcript

My name is Daryl Gillit. I work for Cart and Parts. I came on board in 1992, and I’m the vice president of operations. We service, maintain, and sell rolling stock for retail suppliers.

Why do you use Corrigo?

We’ve used different platforms throughout the years, but our customers came to us and designated Corrigo as their go-to platform. Corrigo has been able to increase our line of communication with our retail outlets. When we joined on with Corrigo, it gave us a point of contact with the store management, so that we could communicate response times and communicate to the right people.

How does Corrigo make your business more efficient?

When we joined on with Corrigo, we were able to communicate directly with the store level people for our ETAs and get to the right people who were making the decisions and expecting our arrival. I think Corrigo is a great communication tool. We’re able to communicate with the corporate level folks, increasing NTEs (not to exceed limits) and timelines. We’re also able to communicate with our crew leaders, our crew teams, our administrators, and, again, the store level people.

Which Corrigo features are important for Carts and Parts?

I believe the most important thing for us is the support from the Corrigo teams about directives and software improvements. Corrigo teams ask us what they can do help us when so many software providers don’t think to ask those questions of their customers.

Corrigo has helped us with invoicing and payments. The platform enhances our ability to send photos within the app to the right people at the store level so they can give us our performance rating.

Corrigo has dramatically accelerated our payments from customers, enabling us to reinvest in our technicians and tools. We’ve also been able to route our technicians more quickly to the retailers and customers in the area and get real time directives from the stores.

How do you like JLL Marketplace?

So far, it’s been great. JLL Marketplace enables us to order from multiple suppliers on one ticket, and I like working with the providers who chose to work with us. I see JLL Marketplace as a way to do business with clients and associates, pay back some goodwill, and enjoy savings of about 15% overall.


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