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Corrigo gives fast-growing Driven Brands the flexibility to scale operations

Susan Mervine is the Facilities Manager for Driven Brands, an automotive services company with 600 stores, mostly for the Take 5 Oil Change brand.

Corrigo standardizes maintenance workflows and processes for Driven Brands and frees up store managers to focus on the goal of more oil changes. Corrigo is essential for sourcing service providers in new markets. Tracking work order spend is essential, especially in today’s inflationary environment.

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Corrigo gives us the flexibility to customize reports and respond to the specialized needs of the automotive services industry.

Susan Mervine

Facilities Manager, Driven Brands


Video transcript

My name is Susan Mervine, facilities manager with Driven Brands. We have 600 locations onboarded in Corrigo. We’re an automotive services company with a number of brands—mainly Take 5 Oil Change—that we manage on the Corrigo platform.

So we brought Corrigo into our portfolio to help centralize our maintenance platform. Before that, the shops were doing whatever they could to get their services done, which prevented them from focusing on the business at hand. So, with maintenance centralized in Corrigo, the shops have been able to change oil like they should be doing, and we’ve been able to take care of the buildings for them. So, Corrigo has been a great tool to help us meet our goals.

How does Corrigo improve your FM operations?

With Corrigo, there’s a search feature enabling us to find new service providers, and we’ve actually used that quite often to find providers, who ended up becoming long term-partners for us. They’ve been able to service our shops. If there’s a certain trade we’re struggling to find, I can search Corrigo by zip code or by area for that trade, like a roofer, and be able to find contractors in the area who can partner with us.

We’ve been using Corrigo since May 2018, and the main thing I like about the software is the flexibility it gives our team. We can add custom fields to increase any kind of reporting we might need. The trades are so flexible because with automotive services we have a lot of specialized maintenance needs, and we’ve been able to add specialties and find the right partners. Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits I see in Corrigo.

Does Corrigo make your FM team more efficient?

With Corrigo, we can definitely keep track of what our costs are. That’s one thing, especially with inflation coming, that helps us watch our spend. It’s very helpful, for example, to know the average cost for replacing a water heater two years ago versus this year and for planning for the future. So watching your spend is definitely a good feature of the reporting. So that’s fantastic, you can track your labor hours for the same types of jobs. It’s definitely a good tool for that.

The biggest impact of Corrigo has been improving our efficiency at the shops. Freeing up stores to run more cars and do more oil changes is possible because we take control of the facilities maintenance in an intentional and consistent way. All shops are handled the same. No more Joe does it one way, and Bob does it another way, while Mary does it a third way. With Corrigo, all shops get serviced the same way, and we can focus on how retail FM gets done. Corrigo enables us to standardize our processes across all of our shops. Consistent FM processes have made us much more efficient.

What would you say to someone considering Corrigo?

If I had to give advice to someone thinking about Corrigo for the first time, I’d say do it. It’s the best program that I’ve looked at, and I’ve been in the industry for a while. I’ve used a lot of different programs, and I think it’s the most flexible, the most robust. You know it can handle anything you need it to do. You have your PM (preventive maintenance) schedules. You have your recurring landscaping. You have your reactive repairs. You have your asset database. The one thing to make sure of is how you set up your assets and your equipment because that’s critical to a successful launch.