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Corrigo helps Johnson Controls better manage work orders

Jerry Johnston works for Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) as the strategic manager for the JLL account. Johnson Controls specializes in smart building technologies, including HVAC, fire/life safety, and security systems. Corrigo is central to managing the work orders assigned to JCI.

Corrigo work orders are filtered for JCI’s areas of expertise and tracked through to completion.

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There are two major things we like about Corrigo: the breadth of features inside the software and the online training at JLLT University.

Jerry Johnston

Senior Accounts Manager, Johnson Controls, Inc.


Video transcript

My name is Jerry Johnston. I’m the strategic account manager for JLL. I work for Johnson Controls (JCI). JCI is a worldwide company, just like JLL. We focus on smart building technology, which includes using HVAC systems, fire/life safety systems, and security systems. We’re invested in smart building technology and making the customer experience the best it can be.

Facilities management and work orders

Corrigo supports our business on a couple of different levels. Right now, the majority of the work we’re doing with JLL is in the facility management (FM) world. It’s heavily transactional and, really, the biggest challenge we have is keeping our employees and staff trained properly.

It’s a critical environment for us to be able to understand how the FM system works because of the way the service tickets come in. The work orders come in, and they’re filtered by JLL facilities management to ensure the right ones are directed to us. We have a weekly call with one of the JLL teams to track unpicked up work orders and ones that are open and have been scheduled. And if they have been scheduled, have they been invoiced? It’s all about Corrigo tracking capabilities and work order progress.

Why the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) matters

The CAB is important in many ways. I was talking with some of the other people who have attended other CAB meetings. My specific question to them was, “So we’ve given feedback to JLLT. What have you seen as a result?” And every one of them said they had given feedback, and JLLT took action and made Corrigo a better product.

What I want to get out of CAB is just talking to the other vendors to see what their strengths and weaknesses are. We’re doing an API right now, and we’ll be talking to people who already implemented their APIs and found benefits in the factories they used.

I’ve been impressed with everything so far, especially the help from Patty. She’s a rock star. After she connected me with the people I need to talk to, it’s been a very positive experience as far as asking questions and getting answers.

Corrigo benefits

There are two major things that we like and appreciate about Corrigo. One is the breadth of the options inside the software, along with the ability to track and perform work orders.

Possibly the more important thing is the training. The online training modules inside JLLT University are incredible for any new user downloading the training modules and going through them. Get in a quiet room and really focus on them because they’re very good.


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