Accelerate your transition to the hybrid workplace

Deliver a smarter employee experience
  • Simplify office re-entry and blended working
  • Delight your people with an intelligent mobile experience
  • Integrates easily with existing workplace systems and tools

The features you need to return to the office & power the hybrid workplace

Desk & space reservations

Allow your returning workforce to find and book safe and clean desks and collaboration spaces

Schedule meetings

Delegate complicated scheduling by letting Jet find the right time and place based on availability and locations

Calendar & reminders

Easily plan, review, and navigate your hybrid workday with reminders and integrated conferencing tools

Connect to colleagues

Easily connect with peers with integrated directories, communication tools, onsite plans, and check-ins

Health and safety

Manage health screening and building entry permissions and procedures with simple integrated workflows

Corrigo user login
Access control

Provide the convenience of embedded touchless entry through your existing access control system

Broadcast notifications

Send important alerts and messages to employees—anywhere and everywhere—without relying on email

Open service requests

Request corporate services via a single, easy-to-use agent for IT, facilities, HR, and more

Ask Jet

Get instant answers to questions with a conversational user interface that taps into your distributed knowledge bases

Visitor management

Register and track guest registrations, access, and check-ins

Explore dining options

Quickly find nearby dining options with menus and online ordering

Connected experience

Simplify complex, multistep workflows with a single app that integrates across existing tools and content sources

Boost connection & collaboration

Offer people-centric features with a connection to the places where work happens.

  • Create incentive to head into the office with onsite schedules that help align casual collaboration among peers
  • Book meetings, desks, and rooms in seconds while ensuring that employees stay appropriately distanced and safe
  • Build and maintain trust with everyday processes that integrate health screening, social distancing, and automated cleaning

Keep employees informed, safe, & happy

Help workers feel safe and supported with comprehensive access to information and services.

  • Communicate important messages with broadcast alerts to reach employees wherever they work
  • Simply ask Jet for answers to “how-to” and corporate policy questions
  • Integrate contactless, in-app transactions, social distancing, and cleaning into everyday processes

Delight users with personalized intelligence

Foster consumer-like engagement with intuitive, tailored employee experiences.

  • User recommendations are based on locations, past interactions, preferences, and common collaborators
  • Proactive, activity-based reminders and notifications to keep you productive and on-task throughout your day
  • Jet learns your preferences to improve accuracy and save you time the more you use it
  • Drive productivity with an AI-based conversational option
JLL Jet ecosystem app partners

Deploy quickly with pre-built integrations

Deliver immediate value with plug-and-play connections to your existing real estate and business platforms.

  • Make on-boarding systems and users a breeze
  • Take advantage of a growing ecosystem of integrations and skills
  • Tailor skills by location, and activate them without involving IT

Build your own employee journey

Leverage simple WYSIWYG tools to configure your user experience.

  • Use custom “widgets” to connect to systems, and extend the reach of Jet in seconds
  • Deliver unique content by locations, groups, and other admin-definable parameters
  • Incorporate your unique visuals and messages to align with your brand

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