More collaboration, less frustration with Jet

People want to be in the office for one reason: to collaborate with their favorite team members. JLL Jet facilitates that in seconds. Jet features an intuitive, voice-driven user interface (UI) that integrates with the workplace technologies your team is already using. That means you can get your whole organization on the same page—and working together more efficiently—as quickly as possible.

Jet drives collaboration in the hybrid workplace:

  • Uses space-booking and scheduling data to make sure the right people are in-office at the same time
  • Allows remote workers and in-office employees to meet and communicate consistently
  • Makes connecting to colleagues easier with integrated directories, check-ins, and on-site floor plans
jll jet desk booking mobile application

Introducing the future of workplace collaboration

Safely schedule spaces and desks

Allow anyone, in or out of the office, to reserve clean spaces in less than 20 seconds.

Intuitive UI speeds up adoption

If you know how to order takeout or a ride-share from a mobile device, you already know how to use Jet.

Ask Jet

Schedule meetings in seconds with a conversation interface—”Hey Jet, when is Dylan available in the office today?”

JLL Jet ecosystem app partners

Deploy quickly with pre-built integrations

Deliver immediate value with plug-and-play connections to your existing real estate and business platforms.

  • Make on-boarding systems and users a breeze
  • Take advantage of a growing ecosystem of integrations and skills
  • Tailor skills by location, and activate them without involving IT

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