A simpler, safer workplace experience

JLL Jet is your next step when it’s time to get serious about a safer workplace. Organizations know their people expect to return to an environment that prioritizes their health and productivity. Jet was designed to make it easier and more cost-effective to meet those expectations—and it works with the workplace technologies your team is already using!

Jet fills your health and safety gaps:

  • Allows users to complete health screenings, request building entry passes, and book desks in one mobile app
  • Uses space-booking and scheduling data to automate room cleaning and make it more efficient
  • Leverages device-based messaging to communicate directly with employees in an emergency
jll jet desk booking mobile application

Introduce touchless access and automated health screenings—at Jet speed

Safely schedule spaces and desks

Allow anyone, in or out of the office, to reserve clean spaces in less than 20 seconds.

Intuitive UI speeds up adoption

If you know how to order takeout or a ride-share from a mobile device, you already know how to use Jet.

No building modules or custom tools

Jet works with the technologies you have. Personalization is driven by AI, not heavy customizations or proprietary tools.

JLL Jet ecosystem app partners

Deploy quickly with pre-built integrations

Deliver immediate value with plug-and-play connections to your existing real estate and business platforms.

  • Make on-boarding systems and users a breeze
  • Take advantage of a growing ecosystem of integrations and skills
  • Tailor skills by location, and activate them without involving IT

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