David Gerster

Investment Principal


David Gerster is an investor with the JLL Spark Global Venture Fund, which invests in early-stage proptech companies. He has had the good fortune to invest in innovative companies spanning multiple industries, including OpenSpace, Jones, Turntide, LandTech, Eden, Atmos, Infogrid, and Safehub. Prior to JLL, he served as vice president of data science at BigML, where he promoted the idea that data science is easy by speaking at conferences and teaching workshops. During his time at BigML, David gave talks at CERN, the Predict Conference, ML Prague, Big Data Spain, Papis.io, DataLead (UC Berkeley), DataBeat (VentureBeat), and more than a dozen other venues and events.

At Groupon, he built an elite data science team that trained the first machine-learned models for mobile deal relevance. At Yahoo, he led the project to collect billions of URL clickstreams in Hadoop and use them to improve Yahoo’s main web search algorithm. He holds an M.B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, and a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.


Electric guitar and loud music in general

Favorite Building

The M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco, which will eventually turn green like the Statue of Liberty as its copper facade oxidizes.