Balance the return-to-office and hybrid workplace with mobile-powered tech

Due to the lasting influence of the pandemic, organizations are under pressure to balance guiding their employees back to the office safely with figuring out how to make the hybrid workplace succeed.

Listen in on our recent roundtable webinar, “Mobile tech solves return-to-office and hybrid workplace challenges,” to hear corporate real estate and IT leaders talk about the mobile-powered solutions that are key to both their return-to-office and hybrid workplace strategies.

Questions our panelists will discuss include:
  • What’s the minimum tech your employees need right now and long-term?
  • Which data will be essential for future planning?
  • Are there industry-specific or regional perspectives to consider?

Employees want the freedom to work from home, but most also want to come into an office as needed. Our panelists share how they leverage mobile technology to address changing employee expectations about the purpose of the workplace.

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