COVID-19: CRE Technology Guide to Successful Re-entry

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Four technology imperatives for your organization to return to work safely & confidently

While many organizations have successfully adapted to the remote work environment, people are still eager to return given the many benefits co-working provides—including social connection, collaboration, and innovation.

Yet, 66% of US-based workers express discomfort in returning to the office right now, according to a recent survey. Overcoming these concerns will require key investments in technology to address the significant health, safety, perception, and sanitation challenges that re-entry presents.

In this guide, we identify how technology enables critical tasks required to establish and maintain employee safety and trust, including:
  • Remotely monitor the workplace to ensure employee health and safety
  • Automate and streamline critical tasks with access to real-time data
  • Enable real-time communication and feedback loops to improve transparency
  • Leverage data-fueled insights to accelerate innovation