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7 features available in Corrigo to help you manage your COVID-19 challenges

It’s no longer enough to simply deliver a work order to a vendor and make sure the work got completed. You’re in a cost-sensitive, fast-changing environment now accelerated by a global pandemic. There are a lot more questions. There’s a lot more pressure to control expenses. The stakes are a lot higher.

Corrigo, the #1 CMMS for Facilities Management, contains a number of features and tools to support you as you navigate the new projects, sharp cost controls, and portfolio-wide mass changes that are common in the today’s COVID-19 business environment. In response to the pandemic, we are pleased to have added many new features and services to help our customers react with no additional fees.

1. Incident reports for COVID-19

Tracking all costs and activities associated with the pandemic helps you pivot now, and also makes you more prepared for future disruptive events. The incidents module keep all incident-related information in one area — work orders, to-do lists, communication planning.

Incident management allows you to assign specific documents and to-do lists, ensuring all tasks are completed. It also makes work order creation for the property more efficient.

Even within pandemic response, you may be dealing with multiple types of incidents at the same time, and they aren’t one-size-fits-all cleanup after a positive case. You can have distribution lists associated with various types of incidents, which are notified when relevant incident reports are created and updated. This helps you plan for a range of disruptive events and respond more effectively as incidents occur.

2. Work order tracking for COVID-19 measures

Many customers create custom fields to track work orders related to a particular area of their business. And there are many other ways to slice and dice your work order data in Corrigo. To save you time and keep it simple, we created this new custom field that everyone can use.

This new field enables you to categorize and track any work order related to COVID-19. You can also retroactively tag existing work orders using this same field.

Are you a Corrigo customer? This is an optional field that can be turned on by contacting your support representative.

3. COIVD-19 reporting

Corrigo offers powerful, self-service reporting tools that allow you to pull real-time data for review. Reporting on COVID-19 work orders can be used in many ways, such as:

  • Track performance and work completed by janitorial vendors or in-house maintenance staff. Was it done on time? Was it rated neutral or satisfactory by the on-site team that requested it? How long was the cleaning team actually on-site?
  • Track costs for any activity associated with the pandemic. Whether shutting down, opening up, remodeling, removing furniture, changing equipment, or ordering PPE, you can understand up to the minute what all these business changes are costing you.
  • Report subscriptions can be configured on any COVID-19 reports. These subscriptions will allow multiple people to receive the reports based on any schedule you set (weekly, daily, etc.) so that appropriate people can monitor status. Send your executives the latest list of open or closed locations, COVID-related costs and activities by region, PPE inventory levels in each stock location, and much more.

4. Mass management of COVID-19 work orders

Mass managing work orders is a powerful tool that allows you to bypass a lot of tedious data administration a fast, friendly way. Need to put EVERYTHING on hold with a bunch of exceptions? Mass management makes that easy.

Need to start rescheduling lots of on-hold work? That’s easy too. Adding and/or removing locations? Yup, that’s also easy.

You may want to re-assign work orders, send a message, or add the COVID-19 custom field to work orders. You can achieve all of this in the list view via mass management.

5. COVID-19 preventative and recurring maintenance

Speaking of mass management. It’s going to come in really handy as you make sweeping changes to your preventative maintenance schedules!

Corrigo offers the following unique features to help you manage and simplify your preventative maintenance program:

  • Implement the COVID-19 cleaning specialty to track all the new PMRM work you’re doing for COVID-19.
  • Set up a procedure template for the latest COVID-19 cleaning guidelines from the CDC, to help keep your team on the latest guidance.
  • Manually assign the service provider(s) you want to be your COVID-19 cleaning service provider.
  • Set up your COVID-19 PM schedule as a visit. Visits allow you to schedule specific times it is expected for a tech to be on-site and allows for multiple check-ins on one work order. Save yourself some administrative time when managing recurring work.

6. COVID-19 Procedure Templates

Corrigo procedures are a powerful feature that lets you gather information while the technician is on-site doing the work. If it’s information you need, procedures can help you capture it. Such as:

  • How would you rate the overall condition of the site?
  • What was the occupancy of the building when you entered and left?
  • Upload a photo of the issue upon arrival and again at departure?

Procedures also let you set a consistent list of instructions for a technician to follow and check off as they complete tasks on a work order.

  • Assign procedure templates directly at the asset level, or attach to line items on the work order.
  • For COVID-19 related cleaning work or equipment change-outs, add step-by-step instructions to the work order for technicians to follow.

7. Free service vendor referrals

To find and connect with vendors who can do COVID-19 cleaning & disinfecting work, search Corrigo Enterprise for providers with the “COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting specialty.”

You may also call the Corrigo COVID-19 referrals hotline at (877) 701-8326 (Option 8) or email

This free referral service is available to anyone in the US and Canada.

We’re here to help

Corrigo users, remember that you’re never alone. You’re part of a global community of experts. Head over to the Corrigo support portal for more assistance putting these features to work!

If you’re not currently a Corrigo user, contact our sales team to learn more.