Space Management

Make the spaces you manage work better

Improve the workplace experience and make smarter real estate decisions by leveraging robust space data, systems, and technology combined with JLL Technologies’ (JLLT) extensive commercial real estate (CRE) experience.

Global expertise in space management

Years of space & portfolio planning expertise
Square feet of portfolio space managed
IWMS & space management experts in-house

Optimize your space for success

Easily plan, manage, and optimize your space with intuitive drag-and-drop tools to help you reimagine your workplace.

  • Improve efficiency, productivity, mobility, and collaboration
  • Attract and retain top talent by delivering a differentiated employee experience
  • Grow, consolidate, relocate, and restack space with data-driven design to eliminate waste and increase efficiency

Centralized, real-time reporting of space capacity & availability

Allow your facilities, real estate, and HR leaders to easily track, manage, and view holistic, real-time views of your real estate portfolio.

  • Measure and track how space is allocated across locations, floors, and departments
  • Chargeback space and assets to respective general ledgers
  • Capture and review move, add, and change requests

Capture, monitor, & visualize space utilization data

Aggregate utilization and occupancy data across your real estate portfolio—including room & desk booking, wayfinding, smart IoT sensors, and visitor management.

  • Remotely monitor desk, room, and space occupancy to ensure productivity and safety of employees and visitors
  • Prioritize and automate facility services based on true utilization
  • Predict evolving needs by leveraging behavior and space usage patterns

Proactively predict & plan future space requirements

Maximize the effectiveness of your real estate through an ongoing discipline of strategic portfolio planning.

  • Create models and scenarios for floors, properties, and entire portfolios
  • Balance future space needs with cost, efficiency, and sustainability goals
  • Improve speed, flexibility, and planning for growth or contraction
  • Deliver superior financial transparency, analysis, and data-driven decision-making

Optimize your space

Get more value from your space with JLLT’s robust portfolio of technology products and services.

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