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The first purpose-built CRE data and insights platform

  • Deliver a centralized, reliable, & secure solution for all your corporate real estate data
  • Focus on business insights, not data management
  • Unlock rich insights and benchmarks with JLL’s more than 250 years of commercial real estate expertise
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Are you using technology as a value driver?

New research reveals what successful organizations do to get ROI from their CRE tech.

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Comprehensive, actionable insights across your entire real estate portfolio in one secure BI platform

Portfolio optimization

Proactively manage your entire portfolio through real-time insights, including costs, headcount, lease events, and transactions.

  • Portfolio insights

  • Leasing insights

  • Transactions insights

Space and workplace

Efficiently manage workplace environments through real-time monitoring of occupancy metrics and trends across your portfolio.

  • Workplace insights

  • Occupancy insights

  • Utilization insights

Operations and facilities management

Attract and retain employees while controlling costs by maintaining high-quality, efficient, sustainable, and productive facilities.

  • Facilities insights

  • Projects insights

  • MAC insights

  • Finance insights

  • Energy insights

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Centralized intelligence

Empower users with centralized, reliable, & secure CRE data

Ensure easy, real-time, and secure access to all your real estate data in one place.

  • Industry-first definitive CRE data model that spans portfolio, workplace, facilities, capital-project, work-order, occupancy, leasing, energy-management, asset, and IoT data sets
  • Interoperability with the most common corporate real estate applications—including ERP, IWMS, IoT, etc.
  • Delivers always-on availability with no maintenance hassle and enterprise-grade security and protection
Comprehensive intelligence

Unlock proprietary market data for deeper insights and benchmarks

Enrich your real estate data with unparalleled access to hundreds of proprietary market and peer data points to deliver the most comprehensive picture of your portfolio, assets, and operations.

  • Compare real estate costs and performance to identify where you are overspending and underperforming
  • Benchmark your portfolio against various market segments, indicators, and indexes
  • Better control costs and optimize your portfolio with access to rich market intelligence
Actionable intelligence

Real-time insights, guidance, and alerts—not just data

AI-driven insights enhance and accelerate decision-making, so you can better optimize your CRE portfolio and costs, enhance worker experiences, and manage risk and compliance more efficiently.

  • Make smarter decisions faster with guided recommendations, drill-down and drill-through reports, and alerts
  • Improve your ability to predict, plan, and respond to constantly changing conditions
  • Identify opportunities, reduce risks, and ensure operational compliance to reduce operating costs and streamline your real estate portfolio

Built-in, best-in-class corporate real estate experience

Take advantage of a richness of data and experience only possible through JLL’s more than 250 years of commercial real estate expertise, so you can better understand what happened, why it matters, and how to take action to improve performance and operations.

  • Billions of square feet managed across 160 countries
  • Millions of work-order and vendor-pricing trends
  • Decades of leasing information in thousands of cities globally

Fortune 500 companies in 160 countries


Properties caputured in 4K+ cities


Square feet of space catalogqued


Work orders and vendor trends


Leases and trends over 20 years


Spend managed

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