Hank AI Platform

HVAC optimization and management

  • Reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Maximize tenant comfort and satisfaction
  • Exceed indoor air quality (IAQ) standards
Hank video: HVAC and energy optimization AI

An innovative sustainability solution powered by AI to deliver fast energy savings and ROI

Energy consumption

Hank uses machine learning, energy modeling, and outside data sources to make real-time micro-adjustments and continuously optimize all HVAC equipment – reducing energy consumption and costs by 20%.

Tenant comfort

Hank is a tenant-first solution focused on ensuring setpoints are met in every space. You’ll see a reduction in tenant complaints and HVAC-related service calls, leading to improve tenant comfort.

Indoor air quality (IAQ)

As more tenants return to the workplace, indoor air quality is more important than ever. Hank’s algorithms ensure indoor air quality exceeds ASHRAE standards by regulating outdoor airflow to your building.

Make you buildings efficient and sustainable

Optimize efficiency and cut energy consumption with Hank

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Your single operating platform

Hank seamlessly integrates with existing BMS/BAS systems becoming your centralized operating platform.

  • Access multiple systems throughout your portfolio from a single UI
  • Upgrade operating system without a capital- or time-intensive project
  • Standardize alerts, alarms, and performance data for your building equipment

Improve your bottom line

Hank reduces your building’s operating costs, so you’ll see an increase in net operating income and asset value throughout your portfolio.

  • Reduce dependency on third party contractors
  • Minimize energy waste – maximize energy savings
  • Extend HVAC equipment life
Optimize operational efficiency

Optimize operational efficiency

Hank combines its AI-powered platform and staff of remote support engineers to provide a first-of-its-kind service as your virtual engineer partner.

  • Enhances the abilities of your building’s on-site staff, making your engineers more efficient
  • Provides data-driven support for intelligent decision-making
  • Steps in as your engineers’ operational partner allowing for hands-off prioritization and shortened response times

Meet your sustainability goals

Sustainability has never been more top-of-mind for CRE owners and investors. Hank’s ability to optimize HVAC systems allows buildings to become sustainable, efficient, and healthy.

  • Reduce your building’s carbon footprint and meet your net zero targets
  • Access accurate, real-time data to drive action and solutions throughout your portfolio
  • Take steps toward your ESG goals with no capital investment – unlike other capital-intensive sustainability initiatives
Highrise office buildings with sustainable tech helps the environment.

HVAC optimization and management made easy

1. Fast and easy setup

The Hank router is shipped to you and integrates into your existing BMS/BAS system. From there, all we need are a few building details to finish the setup remotely.

2. Actionable audit

Hank develops a digital twin of your building – using machine learning and energy modeling to learn how it operates. Within 2-weeks, Hank generates a full (free) audit detailing energy savings and comfort fixes.

3. HVAC optimization

Hank takes automated control of your equipment to make substantial improvements in energy consumption, indoor air quality, and more. No new hardware needed.

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