corrigo connect conference for facilities management
By Brian Prendergast

Corrigo Connect is the premier facilities management event of 2024!

Discover why your fellow facilities management professionals are attending Corrigo Connect in Las Vegas, March 6-8, 2024!

Follow their lead and take advantage of all the opportunities to learn, network, innovate, and break new ground transforming the future of facilities management technology.

Alicia Foster, Command 7
Kevin Smith, Ferrandino & Son

Alicia Foster is the National Sales Manager for Command 7, which delivers comprehensive maintenance services to national, multi-site retail companies, enabling consistent brand experiences for retail end users.

Command 7 chose to be a Corrigo Connect sponsor because of the favorable ROI that sponsorship delivers. Per Alicia, Corrigo events inspire conversations, connections, and lasting partnerships.

Become a part of the community of like-minded facility and vendor professionals who love to network and help each other reach their business goals.

We’re excited to be attending the show and can’t wait to meet and network with everyone!

Alicia Foster
National Sales Manager, Command 7

Kevin Smith is the chief operating officer of Ferrandino & Son, a construction and national facility maintenance solutions company. Services include ground-up construction and remodeling, plumbing, HVAC, lighting and electrical, landscaping, snow removal, and handyman.

Ferrandino & Son is a platinum sponsor at Corrigo Connect 2024. Why? Because the event is the exact opposite of a traditional trade show where attendees may have their guards up. People attend Corrigo Connect because they want to be there and are ready to engage, participate, and share insights about our industry.

Kevin believes that business opportunities abound at Corrigo Connect. But you have to be there to take advantage of them.

Join us March 6-8 in Las Vegas and discover the opportunities that await at Corrigo Connect 2024!

Corrigo Connect is a really great opportunity to get front and center with Corrigo clients.

Kevin Smith
Chief Operating Officer, Ferrandino & Son