By JLL Technologies

Boost your FM performance with Corrigo Managed Services

Corrigo’s automation, reporting, analytics, and insights are the backbone of smart facilities management (FM). But maybe you have neither the time nor the personnel to harness the full power of Corrigo for your FM needs.

We have great news for you and FM teams just like yours.

Introducing Corrigo Managed Services

Corrigo Managed Services gives facilities managers (FMs) the expert support they need when they need it to maximize the ROI of their installations. FMs who struggle to maintain their service level agreements (SLAs) can leverage the knowledge and experience of Corrigo experts to achieve their goals.

With more than 25 years of hands-on FM experience across multiple industries—healthcare, retail, banking, restaurants, and more—Corrigo Managed Services makes short work of the time-consuming tasks impeding your FM success.

Controlling costs, making work order management more efficient, or optimizing a vendor network—whatever your goals, our Managed Services team has the deep knowledge, experience, and insights to accelerate and deliver on your near- and long-term goals.

What common problems does Corrigo Managed Services solve?

Problem: When the FM team is understaffed (not unusual these days, thanks to COVID-related layoffs), the consequence is often work order backlogs, missed deadlines, and unhappy customers.
Solution: Corrigo experts can:

  • implement more efficient workflows for better work order management
  • find quality service providers
  • set smart not-to-exceed limits
  • review SLAs
  • streamline invoicing and payments

Problem: FM teams are overwhelmed by a surge of work orders and soaring repair costs.
Solution: Let Corrigo experts simplify your work order management and improve the efficiency of preventative maintenance, routine repairs, and reactive work requests. Our team will set up your warranty controls: an excellent remedy for spiraling repair costs.

Problem: Growing FM operations need to source new vendors, especially in distant markets, but don’t have the bandwidth.
Solution: The Corrigo Managed Services team, experts in vendor management, can find quality service providers with reputable peer reviews for your specific needs.

Problem: Organizations new to Corrigo need expert help after deployment—until they’re ready to confidently manage their own account.
Solution: Use Managed Services to deliver high-impact results, and keep getting support as long as you need it. Is your FM currently hampered by capacity or cost constraints? Corrigo Managed Services delivers strong FM results, especially in these areas:

  • work order management and optimization
  • invoice management and optimization
  • vendor management and service provider optimization
  • consultation and training

Tame work order chaos, control costs, get faster results

Corrigo Managed Services represents the latest innovation in total facilities management. Unlock the power of Corrigo to drive greater FM operational performance for your organization.