By JLL Technologies

Is the dispatch board in your CMMS as good as you think it is?

For a facilities or service organization, coordinating work orders and optimizing your field team’s time are tedious tasks. The ability to reconcile these efficiently and quickly will ultimately determine the success of your service delivery to your customers and stakeholders.

A common solution that addresses these challenges, and others, is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or field service management (FSM) platform. The best offerings have a dispatch board feature that allows managers and supervisors to instantly see the allocation of their team to daily and weekly work orders.

Is your dispatch table functionality in your CMMS or FSM as good as you think it is? To find out, ask yourself these three questions.

1. Can I instantly understand which technicians are allocated to work requests?

The best dispatch boards have user-friendly interfaces that allow you to see a full workday or workweek with profiles of each of your technicians, their allocated work, and work that remains to be scheduled.

2. Is the task of assigning work to your technicians as easy as it could be?

Older CMMS or FSM platforms required filling out forms, making menu selections, and navigating multiple screens to assign a work order. More modern systems have graphical representations of work scheduling and the ability to drag and drop or auto-assign work, based on a technician’s skill set and availability. These solutions also typically have a visual queue for unassigned work so users can quickly address and allocate it.

3. Is your dispatch board configurable?

New challenges and client demands come up daily, so being able to configure your view by technician, teams, required response times, due dates, and other filters is important. This flexibility allows managers and schedulers to get the information they need when they need it.

If your dispatch board functionality isn’t adding value or is missing in your current solution, Corrigo can help.

Corrigo is a powerful CMMS backed by the facilities experts at JLL Technologies. Our intuitive design and customizable dispatch board can help turn the tedium of scheduling into a valuable competency that allows you to serve your customers better. To learn more, contact Corrigo today.