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Forrester study: Corrigo transforms FM from cost center to value-driver

Facilities management (FM) is often viewed as a cost center rather than a value-generator—that is, until something interrupts the business. Then FM is extremely valuable, and the company can’t survive without it. Successful FM teams address this challenge by demonstrating how indispensable they are to the organization, in the face of calm or crisis.

It’s time to change the conversation and demonstrate the value of your FM program. But how? It all starts with your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

We asked the experts at Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study of the value and ROI that a smart, powerful CMMS offers. Using data, in-depth customer interviews, and rigorous financial analysis, Forrester unequivocally demonstrates how Corrigo CMMS delivers numerous benefits and an incredible 238% return on your investment.

The results of the Forrester study were clear. The Corrigo platform delivered:

  • 238% ROI in just three years
  • Recoup of initial cost in less than 6 months
  • Net present value of $3.3M over three years

Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Corrigo

Corrigo delivers impressive value

Corrigo reduces expenses up to 75% by helping you track spending and manage assets that are under warranty far more efficiently and accurately than manual processes or outdated CMMS platforms. By automating asset tracking, you instantly know which assets are under warranty—so you don’t have to waste money on maintaining or repairing them. With the thousands of assets you’re tasked with managing, these savings add up quickly.

Corrigo also enables customers to reduce their overall facilities expenses by up to 10% with preventative maintenance work order automation. Preventative maintenance improves uptime and mitigates customer interruptions—and assets that undergo preventative maintenance have an overall lower cost of ownership and operation.

Corrigo saves time

Legacy invoicing workflows are time-consuming. Corrigo automates these workflows and lowers the amount of time spent on these processes by 2.5 hours. Given the number of work order invoices your team handles, 2.5 hours per process is a game-changer.

Corrigo saves money

The cost of facilities work is spiking. A recent study by Corrigo analyzed tens of millions of customer work orders from around the world and found that the average work order cost has risen by more than 13%. As the cost of work orders continues to rise, planned work for certain specialties is on the rise as well. In the face of the pandemic, planned cleaning work orders are up by over 100% in industries that already returned to (or never left) their workplaces.

These increased costs, compounded by evolving and unpredictable times, have forced FMs to devise creative ways to do more with the same or fewer resources than before the pandemic began.

Corrigo is your second set of hands/extra brain power that enables you to do more and to scale efficiently. It helps you get work done more accurately, quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost than other platforms.

An ROI of 238%—with a recoup of initial outlay in six months—is impressive and hard to ignore. When leadership wants you to justify investments or demonstrate the value of FM, look to Corrigo. Learn how your FM team can leverage Corrigo to lower costs, be more effective, and prove tangible value for the business.

Forrester TEI of Corrigo report