By JLL Technologies

JLL announces strategic acquisition of Skyline AI

We’re excited to share that JLL is acquiring Skyline AI.

This is a big day for both companies, as we’re perfectly positioned to fulfill our mutual vision to transform the real estate industry using advanced technology and, specifically, AI.

We first met JLL back in 2018, when JLL Spark’s co-CEOs Yishai Lerner and Mihir Shah met with Or Hiltch, our co-founder and CTO, in a conference and quickly understood what we were solving. They decided pretty much on the spot to invest in our young company. This led to many meetings and fascinating conversations that eventually brought us to this day.

About Skyline AI

We started this journey in 2017, as we began to realize the challenges that exist in commercial real estate (CRE). We decided that our imagination, passion, and experience for developing cutting-edge technologies could help solve some of the most difficult real estate problems using AI.

At the same time that Skyline AI was born, JLL also set out its core technology and data ambitions, which included developing their unique approach to AI and machine-learning on its rapid journey to become the market-leading strategic capital advisor to investor clients. As JLL increased their VC investments in high-growth real estate technology companies around the world and began to quickly build the JLL Technologies division, our missions started to become synergetic and complementary.

As our teams spent more time together and exchanged ideas, we started to understand that our people share many values. We also share similar views regarding the way to disrupt CRE and how much sense it makes for both companies to join forces. We realized that the synergy of our advanced technology platform, coupled with the scale and capabilities of one of the leading real estate platforms in the world, could be powerful.

What’s next for Skyline AI and JLL?

We plan to combine the most intelligent and experienced advisors on the ground with our team of engineers and data scientists to achieve faster and smarter business decisions for companies around the world. We’re excited to take on this incredible challenge to work on some of the largest and most complex and interesting problems in real estate and AI today.

This is the place to thank each and every one of Skyline AI’s talented and dedicated team members, wonderful investors, smart advisors, loyal partners—and, of course, our beloved families. Thank you all for everything. This was an incredible journey. Now, a new chapter begins.

—Guy, Amir, Or, and Iri

To learn more, read our announcement here.