Skill 4: JLL Jet simplifies employee communications

Last year, we introduced JLL Jet, a mobile-first hybrid workplace app that simplifies how work gets done through smarter personalized experiences. But what does that really mean? How does Jet help you and your workforce be more engaged, connected, productive, safe, and supported?

This is the fourth chapter in a series where we highlight Jet’s functionalities and demonstrate how it helps simplify and improve the employee workday. In this installment, we explore how Jet provides access to enterprise information within a single, cohesive interface that keeps workers informed about and connected to the things they want and need to know.

How it was in the past

An employee has a question about a company HR policy or work software or wants the company discount code, but they can’t find—or it takes way too long to get—the answer. Most workers spend significant time searching HR, IT, and other departmental portals to find routine answers and access the resources they need. It’s even harder for new-hires.

Consider how many disparate resources employees have to search to get answers to the following types of questions:

  • “What is the new-hire on-boarding process?”
  • “Is Monday a company holiday?”
  • “How do I file an expense report?”
  • “How do I register for training/a yoga class/an ergonomic assessment?”
  • “What’s for lunch on campus today?”
  • “Where can I take the office re-entry health screening survey?”
  • “How do I connect my laptop to the big screen in the conference room?”
  • “What’s the HR or IT help desk phone number?”
  • “What’s the wifi password for this location?”
  • “What’s our company discount code?”

What if there was an easier way to find these answers—as easy as, for example, getting the weather forecast? Now there is.

How it is with JLL Jet

Connect employees to knowledge and content

Most organizations force workers to navigate a complex maze of departmental portals, knowledge bases, and overstuffed email inboxes to find the answers they seek. But there’s a better way. In this overview and video tutorial, you’ll see how Jet helps keep everyone informed, saves time, and reduces frustration.

Broadcast notifications and alerts

Gartner reports SMS open rates to be as high as 98%—far higher than the 20% open rates for email. For this reason, Jet’s messaging services offer a more dependable way to reach employees when it matters. Jet helps keep workers informed—about their schedules, events, offers, and anything else they need to know. Opt-in automated notifications and reminders can be sent according to a schedule or triggered by workflows or geofences. Jet also includes broadcast messages that are configured and sent by administrators. They can be delivered to specific employee segments (locations, groups, etc.) in real time or on a schedule. All messages can link directly to details and content, wherever that content is stored.
JLL Jet drives SMS open rates
The Bulletin Board

Jet’s Bulletin Board view incorporates widgets that deliver notifications and reminders about schedules, events, and upcoming reservations. Administrators can organize their content in categorized card carousels, which is a great way to reinforce community, culture, and the brand while connecting people to programs, promotions, offers, and general corporate communications.
Jet’s Bulletin Board streamlines administrator tasks
Ask Jet

As we discussed in chapter 3 of this blog series, many organizations are adopting alternative communication channels for corporate service requests. They realize that, often, service requests can be averted by giving people answers to common questions. Ask Jet takes this a step further, allowing users to ask questions with voice or text input and delivering relevant answers/content from any area of the business. This is faster than a typical intranet or portal search, as Ask Jet leverages AI automation and natural-language processing.
Ask Jet handles service requests with AI
JLL Jet makes it simpler and more convenient to keep workers informed by eliminating the struggle to find answers they need.

Want to learn more? Request a demo of JLL Jet.