By JLL Technologies

Ordering name brand PM/FM products is now even easier with JLL Marketplace

The faster and easier property managers (PMs), facility managers (FMs), engineers, and maintenance pros can find and order the products they need—especially at preferred prices from top name brands—the better their buildings perform operationally and financially.

JLL Marketplace is an ecommerce platform that offers more than three million items curated for property management (PM) and facilities management (FM)—everything from plumbing and electrical products to janitorial and office supplies.

The platform has secure online ordering with permission controls, approvals, detailed invoices, and flexible delivery options. You can order online and pick up in-store for your on-the-go needs.

Find even more of the exact products you need

Five new vendors have been added to JLL Marketplace, giving PMs and FMs even more options:

• Home Depot Pro—high-demand commercial items specific to the needs of PMs, FMs, building service contractors, and trades

• Sherwin Williams—paints, coatings, and related products

• Fellowes—commercial solutions for enhanced air purification

• Keurig—coffee and brewing systems for employee breakrooms

• Network Distribution—products and solutions for clean, healthy, and safe facilities

The place where smart buying is done

These new vendors add an array of name-brand products to the large selection that was already available on JLL Marketplace. Come for the one-stop shopping and time- and cost-savings. Stay for the purchasing history, performance metrics, and dashboards that offer key insights so you can make smarter purchasing decisions.

Discover the benefits of JLL Marketplace today.