Commercial buildings in shape of Earth for Earth Day
By JLL Technologies

See how proptech enables sustainability

On April 22 every year, the world celebrates Earth Day. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970—a time when air and water pollution were rampant. Gas-guzzling cars were the norm, and the majority of people were unaware of the harm humans were causing to the planet and themselves.

Today, due in part to Earth Day and the awareness it has raised about the climate crisis, industries all over the world are now focused on sustainability initiatives that save time, money, and of course, the planet. These efforts are most apparent in commercial and corporate real estate. It’s good business for a building to be sustainable.

Sustainability encompasses so many systems, variables, and metrics that it can be tough to know where to start. When the owners of a Class A office building in Tampa, Florida, wanted to make their property more sustainable, they turned to technology. But not just any tech—Hank, from JLL Technologies (JLLT).

The property is situated in the hot and humid Gulf Coast. Air conditioning is a necessity in any office building there—not just for comfort but to protect equipment and help prevent mold. Understandably, the site used 1.3 million kilowatt hours of energy over a 92-day period before turning to Hank.

Knowing they could do more with less energy and less money, the building owners sought a smart, effective proptech solution to their problem. Hank combines autonomous decision-making, artificial intelligence, and remote technical support in a single virtual engineering platform. It’s compatible with every building management system as well as third-party APIs.

Within three short months of deploying the Hank software, the building was transformed. Wasteful, costly air conditioning and heating were now efficient, sustainable, and best of all, far less expensive. Hank reduced runtime spending on equipment, which extended its usable life—resulting in less waste in the landfill. And best of all, Hank lowered the building’s 92-day energy usage by approximately 16.9% (213,701 kilowatt hours). That represents a savings of $46,400 per year and a 57% return on investment.

Sustainability is best achieved with technology. JLLT has helped thousands of properties and portfolios achieve their energy-reduction or net-zero energy goals, and we can help yours, too. Speak with an expert today to learn how.

Happy Earth Day from Hank and JLLT.