By JLL Technologies

What’s new in Archibus 25.3

Archibus version 25.3 is slated for release today, November 10, for both enterprise and cloud offerings.

This next iteration in Archibus’ impressive line-up of continually evolving features focuses on empowering system administration users to have greater control over their environments configuration without the need for customization. The overall benefit? A system that adapts to your evolving business processes, and promotes better service delivery for space and maintenance management.

Enabling and Creating Data Fields

Have you ever wished a specific data field was available in Archibus for tracking and reporting purposes? Or maybe your organization had a business requirement that warranted your Archibus business partner to create a custom field. Regardless of the need, Archibus 25.3 now has the answer. Users with appropriate security groups can now:

  • Promote existing stock fields to select views
  • Create new user-defined fields and surface to select views

Currently this feature is restricted to the following tables:

  • Buildings
  • Floors
  • Rooms
  • Employees

Changes made to the aforementioned tables can be surfaced to the following views for all users to visualize:

  • Define locations
  • Define rooms
  • Define employees
  • Space console

Creating & Surfacing Fields

A common use case JLLT encounters from clients is the need to denote which spaces are under construction to help drive space planning initiatives, such as occupancy reallocation or move planning. With Archibus 25.3, clients can now add this, as well as other fields, easily into their system. In the Define Locations, Define Rooms, and Define Employees views, the new “Add User-Defined Field” feature has been added. Upon selecting, users are prompted to enter properties regarding the new field based on the type of data they want to capture. Saving the field automatically promotes it to the appropriate view, in addition to being visible in the Space Console grid.

Archibus 25.3 conference room booking

To leverage existing fields in Archibus, simply select the field and choose “Save Promoted” for it to become visible in additional views.

Maintenance Checklists

As a facilities manager, maintaining vast infrastructure can be challenging enough, let alone coupled with multiple compliance requirements. The introduction of the Maintenance Checklist within Archibus 25.3 is designed to simplify these requirements by ensuring ease of program delivery and reporting. This feature combines the powerful capabilities of Compliance Checklists that are part of the Compliance application with the Archibus work request system, alleviating the need for customizing the two applications to create a similar experience.

With the Maintenance Checklists feature set, users can:

  1. Define and edit Maintenance Checklists for a variety of tasks
    Archibus 25.3 work order maintenance checklists
  2. Assign Maintenance Checklists to an SLA workflow to have it automatically generate as part of a work request workflow
    Archibus 25.3 vendor SLAs
  3. Complete Maintenance Checklists through web central or mobile as part of the work request process
    Archibus 25.3 mobile app
  4. Report on Maintenance Checklists including completion rate and stats on response fields
    Archibus 25.3 work order maintenance surveys

Creating a Maintenance Checklist is made easy through the Define Maintenance Checklists task. This interface has been redesigned from what was in Compliance previously, while still offering the same level of flexibility to create question sections and add in multiple question types. Examples of question types include:

  • Yes/No single choice
  • Pass/Fail single choice
  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Free-form text
  • Date field
  • Count field
  • Measurement field (with units)
  • Document/photo attachment

Incorporating compliance requirements into a maintenance program is a common requirement JLL Technologies encounters with clients. Based on our experience, we envision this feature will be of benefit to maintenance managers, supervisors, and craftspersons alike in the following areas:

  • Maintaining compliance standards and their associated documentation e.g. life safety, hospital, elevators
  • Providing standard operating procedures for preventive and corrective maintenance activities to ensure tasks are being done correctly and safely
  • Generating standing work orders for routine tasks with clear deliverables (e.g. groundskeeping, caretaking)
  • Creating a digital log book for daily routine tasks (e.g. boiler inspections)

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