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Corrigo ensures communication between 23rd Group and its clients

Steven Brink is the Business Development Manager for 23rd Group, which, using Corrigo, performs facilities management services for restaurant, retail, and banking clients with multi-site footprints.

Corrigo enables 23rd Group to make good on its tagline, “Communication is our service.” The software provides a direct, real-time communication stream for facilities managers, location managers, and service providers.

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When people ask for a recommendation for work order management software, Corrigo is always at the top of my list.

Steven Brink

Business Development Manager, 23rd Group


Video transcript

I’m Stephen Brink, business development manager at 23rd Group. We’re a facilities management (FM) company that performs services nationally for anyone with a multi-site footprint. We work in many industries. Anyone, really, can be a customer of ours provided they have a multi-site footprint and need the assistance and reach that our company provides.

Facilities we work on include banks, restaurants, retail businesses, and more. Our core trades are plumbing, electrical, handyman, and remediation.

I’ve been in my role for six years. My background was as an account manager, so I’ve actually been able to work within the Corrigo platform before, running work orders and working directly with facility managers, which I find gives me a a leg up.

Corrigo for facilities managment and maintenance

I’d like to sell the fact that 23rd Group is on the Corrigo platform and how much we enjoy using it. At 23rd Group, communication is our service, and that’s our tagline, too.

The Corrigo facilities management platform is beneficial in that we can have clear and concise communications between the facility managers and the location/store managers. It makes that a smooth process.

We’re all about communication. Some say we’re giving customers too much information—the good, the bad, and the indifferent. But that makes us special in the industry, and the software enables us to do that.

Corrigo proves its value

The thing that I find the most valuable in Corrigo is the ability to have direct communication through the platform with the customer. We like to be on platforms that are simple to use, and everything is tied in. You have a nice package with Corrigo.

I’ve often been approached by facility managers or prospects considering a work order management system other than Corrigo. They ask me which one I’d recommend. As mentioned earlier, I have a unique perspective on FM software given my personal experience with Corrigo and competing platforms. When I give them insights into the platform I prefer, Corrigo is often at the top of the list.


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