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Corrigo tracking and reporting informs city of Fresno facilities management

Kenny Phimmachack is a Management Analyst II in the General Services Department of the city of Fresno, California. Using Corrigo, he handles the accounting for the city’s facilities management operations.

Kenny uses the software to financially track work orders and create his own custom reports for accounting.

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My favorite feature of Corrigo is the having the ability to create my own reports.

Kenny Phimmachack

Management Analyst II, City of Fresno General Service Department


Video transcript

My name is Kenny Phimmachack. I am a Management Analyst II for the city of Fresno General Service Department. I handle the accounting for facilities management, and I generate work orders in Corrigo.

What’s your favorite Corrigo feature

My favorite feature of Corrigo is having the ability to create my own reports. I’m able to verify the work orders of another employee, and I’m able to financially track each work order.

How does Corrigo track costs?

Corrigo allows us to track the work orders that have already been paid for at the beginning of the year for fixed charges. It also allows us to track the ones that still need to be charged, which will be additional modifications to a building.

How does Corrigo benefit the public you serve?

For the public sector, let’s say, the parks in the city of Fresno, a citizen can report a plumbing issue. It gets sent to us, then we open a work order and send an employee to that park.


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