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Corrigo improves the bottom line of Harvard Maintenance

Bianca Espinosa, is senior director of financial operations at Harvard Maintenance, the largest, privately owned janitorial-services company in the United States.

Corrigo streamlines the communication between customers generating work orders and service providers responding to them. Corrigo efficiencies, especially for work order management, have been key to the success of Harvard Maintenance.

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Using Corrigo helps our bottom line through controlling costs and better managing our operations.

Bianca Espinosa

Senior Director of Financial Operations, Harvard Maintenance


Video Transcript

My name is Bianca Espinosa. I am the senior director of financial operations at Harvard Maintenance. We are the largest privately owned janitorial services company in the nation.

My role is liaison between operations and accounting. I also run the billing department. In my role. I feel like I live every day in Corrigo. From a work order perspective, I make sure that my teams are accepting the work orders and getting the instructions they need from operations when they provide the service for our customers. Also, I make sure they’re completed correctly and actioned and then, to bring the full picture together, making sure that we send our customers the right invoice.

How does Corrigo help your daily maintenance operations?

Corrigo helps us receive whatever requests our customers give us, making sure that our teams in the field receive the required instructions from the customer. We don’t have to wait for a phone call or an e-mail from our customers about what they need. It’s communicated and sent via their Corrigo customer portal within a few minutes from the customer to our team.

How does the software help Harvard Maintenance be more successful?

We use Corrigo to be more efficient in getting and receiving work orders. Those efficiencies are key to our success. Using Corrigo helps our bottom line. Corrigo helps us control our costs and how we manage our operations, making sure we’re getting the right not-to-exceed (NTE) amount and making sure our customers have received the right quote. From there we’re able to know when the work order is received and amount of labor hours our team needs to provide as well as the magnitude of the service. So, that really helps us to guide our costs and make sure that the work order is profitable.

What would you say to someone considering Corrigo?

There are multiple things that I would tell people looking for a facility maintenance software. I think ease of use is important and so is the communication between customers and service providers and those doing the billing. The other part is how we can communicate exceptions or requests between our customers and our operations team. How can they better communicate between each other? I think that’s really critical in order to make things go smoother.

One of my favorite things about Corrigo is that since we’ve been using it for almost five years. I’ve seen it evolve, and I really like the fact that the Corrigo team really listens to its customers. They’re taking customer feedback and really digesting how it’s going to help the overall picture.