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Corrigo streamlines facilities management processes for T-Mobile

Chris Medina is a regional manager for T-Mobile. With Corrigo, Chris and his critical facility operations team gain greater visibility into PM schedules while achieving higher uptime across their facilities management portfolio.

Corrigo provides a “one-stop shop” for asset management, work order ticketing, compliance tracking, vendor invoicing, and payments.

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Corrigo has really helped us with our critical facility environments by focusing on the uptime of our network and network resiliency.

Chris Medina

Regional Manager, Critical Facility Operations Team, T-Mobile


Video transcript

I’m Chris Medina. I work for T-Mobile as a regional manager for our critical facility operations team. Our team does uses Corrigo for our facilities management, which includes data centers, switch locations, and all sites that run network equipment.

How does Corrigo make your FM operations more efficient?

Corrigo makes our FM operations more efficient by streamlining the processes. It connects our service providers, the work that comes in, and the work that goes out—from start to finish. We send the work orders, we verify the work, and we pay invoices right through Corrigo. It’s a one-stop shop.

What’s your favorite Corrigo feature?

With our team’s primary responsibility being around preventive maintenance scheduling, my favorite feature is definitely the visibility into all the preventive maintenance schedules across our portfolio and then being able to pull up any of those preventive maintenance work orders and find the exact status.

How does Corrigo help save time and/or money?

Corrigo helps save us both time and money by having that one-stop shop for dispatching to vetted vendors, for them to be able to pick up these work orders, and have that seamless transaction from start to finish.

Tell us about uptime and critical environments.

Uptime is important to leveraging our partnership with JLLT. We’re looking forward to the features that you guys are going to develop in the tool, and how we can utilize that to better manage our operations.

Corrigo has really helped us with our critical facility environments by focusing on the uptime of our network and network resiliency. Being able to use the platform is critical along with leveraging our asset management, work order ticketing systems, compliance tracking, vendor payments, and invoicing.

What would you say to someone considering Corrigo?

Operating in the critical environment space, I’d recommend Corrigo as one platform that manages all our assets, all our trusted vendor partners, and gives us the ability to make data-informed decisions.

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