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How Corrigo automation drives work order progress for UScellular

Mike Peterson is a Regional Facility Manager with UScellular and responsible for 250 stores in 18 states.

Corrigo handles the work orders, service providers, asset tracking, and invoices for both preventive maintenance and break-fix. Software automation drives work order progress, freeing up time for FM teams to be more productive. Store managers appreciate the ease and convenience of initiating work order requests right from their phones.

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Reporting metrics help UScellular evaluate performance and productivity while identifying FM challenges and opportunities.

Mike Peterson

Regional Facility Manager, UScellular


Video transcript

My name is Mike Peterson. I’m a regional facility manager for UScellular. We operate in 18 states. We manage approximately 250 stores that are corporate-owned. There are twice as many of those that are agent that we do not participate in.

In my role as a facility manager, I try to make sure that the stores are operating efficiently. We want both customer service and customer experience to be good. We perform break-fix repairs as well as preventive maintenance so that UScellular customers can do what they want to do when they’re in-store. Our customers include internal employees as well. We want to make sure they’re comfortable and can do their jobs efficiently.

What struggles does Corrigo address for UScellular?

We use Corrigo to to connect with skilled laborers. We also use the work order system to kind of bridge the gap between us and the service providers, so that we don’t have to actively reach out to them in the moment. That’s what the software does for us. We also use it for invoicing and asset tracking.

What was your process for choosing Corrigo?

We implemented Corrigo about three years ago. Prior to that, we were using a different system. We got feedback from our UScellular customers that the previous software was kind of outdated. They wanted the ability to use a mobile app to enter their work orders. They also didn’t want to continue using a call center to log work order requests. So, we did an RFP and talked to many companies. Corrigo was one of the ones that made the final list, and we chose it because the software fit all of our requirements.

What advice would you give others considering Corrigo?

Corrigo has helped our end users just by making things more efficient and easy for them. That includes initiating work orders, tracking their progress, and getting updates. UScellular users can also communicate back and forth with our facility managers or with vendors themselves. The software also helps my team track the life cycle of work orders and accelerate completion.

In the old days, we had to call in work orders. With Corrigo, we can just use the mobile app to quickly enter a new work order. There’s also a web portal, which our store managers really like because it’s just quicker and easier to use Corrigo than what the software they were using before.


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