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April 10, 2024
Customer story

OUTFRONT Media achieves digital transformation with JLLT and IBM TRIRIGA

OUTFRONT Media’s 45,000 billboards and more than 400,000 transit displays are the lifeblood of its business. Servicing each asset promptly and in a cost-effective manner is essential to the health of the company’s bottom line.

Hear how JLL digitized OUTFRONT Media’s manual asset inspection processes, providing field workers with an easy-to-use app wherever they work. What was once a six-page inspection form is now available on any mobile phone from anywhere—even without an Internet connection.

Learn how OUTFRONT Media achieved breakthrough results by partnering with JLL Technologies. Benefits include:

  • Digitization of the asset inspection process eliminates inefficient manual efforts.
  • A compelling user experience drove rapid adoption for stakeholders and managers.
  • Centralization of asset inspection data and records, allowing for near-instantaneous reporting.
  • A platform for future strategic initiatives, like storm preparation and recovery, to protect their assets better.