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Starboard Group relies on Corrigo data for efficient facilities management  

Keri Steers is the facilities manager for Starboard Group and uses Corrigo to manage more than 130 restaurants with brands that include Wendy’s, Applebee’s, Subway, CiCis Pizza, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, and McAlister’s Deli.

Corrigo’s ability to track and record maintenance histories helps Starboard Group identify assets ready for replacement and then update capital budgets accordingly. Stakeholders, including restaurant managers and service providers, have visibility into work order status enabling them to be fully informed as the work progresses.

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Corrigo’s automation tools and dashboard widgets make my life easier, and with everything at my fingertips, I get more done.

Keri Steers

Facilities Manager, Starboard Group


Video transcript

My name is Keri Steers, and I work for the Starboard Group, and I’m their facilities manager. At Starboard, I do the facility maintenance for Subway, Wendy’s, McAlister’s, Applebee’s, and CiCis Pizza, and using Corrigo, I do all of the day-to-day facilities.

Why would you suggest Corrigo to other facility managers?

The reason why I would suggest Corrigo is because of the amount of information you get from the Corrigo database. If you spent a lot on HVAC repairs, you’re going to be able to pinpoint which store had the most issues, where to go with that information, and how to better maintain that store. That way, the following year, you’re not adding refrigerant, and checking for leaks on aging equipment. You already know the stores with high HVAC spend, so you can capitalize that expense for the following year knowing based on HVAC repairs in the current year.

How has preventive maintenance influenced your planning?

Instead of waiting until equipment goes down, at the first of the year I know which stores needs a roof or parking lot asphalt repairs. And when it comes to asphalt, you have to get your bids early, otherwise, it’s not going to get done. So knowing that information, the data from the prior year informs job planning and scheduling. With the bids in place by the first of the year, it’s over and done with.

What’s an important Corrigo benefit for prospects to consider?

If somebody were considering Corrigo, a huge selling point is that you can see all information about work orders, assets, and vendors in one place. So, if it’s a new vendor or a new enterprise user, a lot of people will use something like OneNote to track their work orders. That’s not a great system because the moment you complete a work order, it’s deleted and gone.

Corrigo data includes a complete asset history of repairs and maintenance. You can see everything you’ve done, and it even helps with warranty information if you track it correctly.

Why should restaurant facility managers consider Corrigo?

The reason why a restaurant would want Corrigo is that the moment you create a work order, you can see the information that’s there. You can add the serial numbers and assets and from there you can get problems resolved, rather than just having data sitting in an e-mail. So, if the store sends an email about something broken, you could easily miss that e-mail. In Corrigo, however, the work order is visible, and it’s ready to go.

How does Corrigo manage assets and ensure restaurant uptime

For example, Wendy’s restaurants have DSG grills and, obviously, if a grill goes down, you can’t make hamburgers. So, there’s no point going to Wendy’s if you can’t get a hamburger. If you don’t know the asset location or have the serial or model number or can’t access a maintenance history, the resulting downtime will reflect badly on the FM team. First-time fix will suffer and work order turnaround times will lengthen. FM teams need asset data. Corrigo stores a full asset maintenance history for each asset.

How does Corrigo make you more efficient?

Corrigo’s automated systems, the flags, and the dashboard widget tools, make my life a lot easier. I get more done. I can work on priority work orders, get quote approvals, and respond to requests for specific asset information, like serial model numbers. All essential data is loaded right there in Corrigo. It’s literally at your fingertips. You can provide asset data to a store, a vendor, or anyone who needs it.