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How Tech 24 uses Corrigo to streamline vendor management

Rita Preston is the Customer Service Director with Tech 24, a nationwide provider of commercial food-service-equipment repair and maintenance. With its large client base using Corrigo, Tech 24 to is able capture efficiencies via consistent processes and streamlined workflows.

Corrigo facilitates the day-to-day relationships with vendors, who benefit from consistent work-order volumes and respond with quality, reliable service.

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Corrigo, by way of offering API implementation, has allowed us to decrease the amount of customer service staff that we would otherwise need to maintain our client base.

Rita Preston

Customer Service Director, Tech 24


Video transcript

I’m Rita Preston, customer service director with Tech 24. We do commercial food service repair. As the customer service director, I oversee our customer care team. I am the admin for all of our service platforms, including Corrigo. I also do all of our onboarding for clients and all of our vendor management.

How does Corrigo help your business?

Because of Corrigo, we’ve been able to streamline a lot of our customers. We’ve gained customers because we’re a prominent user of the software, and we have such a large client base, which helps us in attracting even more clients. That means more revenue. So from that perspective, and for consistency sake, having many clients on the same platform enables more consistent operations.

What specific advantages does Corrigo offer?

Corrigo has been able to maximize the ability to streamline vendor relationships, which provides more consistent volume to vendors. The more consistency vendors can be provided, the better they’re going to be able to service clients. So I think the vendors get something out of these business relationships as much as the clients did.

Corrigo, by way of offering API integrations, has enabled us to decrease the amount of customer service intake staff that we would otherwise need to maintain our client base.


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