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Corrigo connects all facilities management users for Washington Federal Bank 

Kristen Dawkins is a Facilities Manager for Washington Federal Bank (WaFd) . She’s part of a team responsible for more than 300 facilities in eight western states.

WaFd uses Corrigo to meet the challenge of monitoring vendor compliance and safety. Corrigo has given the bank a transparent, centralized program connecting all users, including retail locations, the in-house management team, and vendors.

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I’m extremely proud—and so is our entire team—of what we’ve built using Corrigo. It gives us a pulse on the whole portfolio and a snapshot of every location, either owned or leased.

Kristen Dawkins

Facilities Manager, Washington Federal Bank


Video transcript

My name is Kristen Dawkins. I work for Washington Federal Bank (WaFd). I’m on a very slim but very strong facilities team that manages a little over 300 locations, most that we own. We do everything in-house, all of the shell and core, from roofing to landscaping.

What are the biggest challenges Corrigo helps you address?

When I started at Washington Federal, the biggest challenge was vendor compliance. We needed to centralize our program, so that we could monitor vendor compliance, which is our top priority—along with safety—for WaFd Bank. Along with compliance, Washington Federal Bank needed a space that was inclusive for our retail locations, our management team, which I’m part of, and our vendors. We’re slowly connecting more vendors to our platform, so we’re creating a transparent and inclusive space. We just wanted a centralized program where we could monitor everything.

What’s the coolest thing that Corrigo does for your team?

The coolest thing that Corrigo does for Washington Federal Bank is to connect all the end users, so it’s a transparent program. I’m on the management team. We manage it from the back end. Our retail locations have an entire portal that they log into, and our vendors are on there too. So, just it’s exciting that all users can communicate in one centralized location, one platform.

How does Corrigo help you manage your branch banks?

So we have a little over 300 locations. We own most, and we lease some with a few property management companies involved. One of the greatest things about Corrigo is that it gives us a picture of what’s going on at every location, even if there’s a lease. If we’re not responsible for maintenance, I still want to have a pulse on that building, and oftentimes we will still go ahead and make the repair. So regardless of ownership, Corrigo has really given WaFd a snapshot, so to speak, of what’s going on at every location.

How does Corrigo improve team productivity?

I came from operating a facilities program that used pens and paper. Literally writing down each name, each location, and each issue, and then following up verbally or by e-mail with every tech. You’ve probably heard the term “chaos coordinator,” and I still have about 50% of that in my work life.

For Washington Federal Bank, Corrigo eliminates most steps that can be automated, depending on how we want to use the tool. So we still do things for a personal touch, like a phone call to maintain relationships with vendors and the branch teams or for ongoing education, but in general there’s a far less pen-to-paper, far fewer e-mails, and fewer phone calls. With Corrigo, we automate repetitive tasks, and that’s helped a lot.

What are the benefits of Corrigo?

I’m extremely proud, and I know our entire team is of what we’ve built our using Corrigo at Washington Federal Bank. We’re still in the infancy of our program, but what we’ve been able to do is really have a pulse on the whole portfolio. I’m proud to have been a part of it, and I’m excited for the future.

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