CRE Guide to the Hybrid Workplace

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It’s time to prepare workplaces for the impending mass migration to hybrid work

As an initiative to increase productivity, attract and retain talent and improve the wellbeing of workers, the hybrid workplace is being initiated by CEOs and HR leaders around the world. How should workplaces facilitate hybrid work? In what way is the hybrid workplace model an opportunity to build more effective and adaptable workplaces than ever before?

This practical resource presents a curated set of background information, research, and insights specifically for corporate real estate teams to develop thoughtful and effective hybrid workplace strategies.

In this guide, you will learn:
  • What is the hybrid workplace?
  • How to customize the model for your company
  • How a hybrid workplace fits in strategically with other priorities
  • The impact on facilities, space, portfolio, and experience management — including the technology that can enable and support
  • How to define and measure success