Desk-booking software that works

JLL Jet is an easy-to-use desk-booking solution and mobile app that helps your team spend less time navigating their technology and more time on collaboration and the work that matters.

With AI-assisted efficiency, employees can:

  • Book rooms and desks in seconds and use in-app floor plans to navigate to them
  • See which colleagues will be in the office for in-person collaboration
  • Automate cleanings for desks and conference rooms
jll jet desk booking mobile application

The desk-booking app with the features you need to power your hybrid workplace

Workplace experience simplified

No need to switch between reservation, calendar, conferencing, messaging, and other apps. Jet is a fully integrated, one-app experience.

Value in and out of the office

Jet supports employees while they’re working remotely, on the go, or at the office.

Intuitive UI speeds up adoption

If you know how to order takeout or a ride-share with a mobile device, you already know how to use Jet.

JLL Jet ecosystem app partners

Deploy quickly with pre-built integrations

Deliver immediate value with plug-and-play connections to your existing real estate and business platforms.

  • Make on-boarding systems and users a breeze
  • Take advantage of a growing ecosystem of integrations and skills
  • Tailor skills by location, and activate them without involving IT

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