JLL Technologies and New York City partner to launch innovative Proptech Piloting Program

JLL Technologies (JLLT), in partnership with New York City, launched a Proptech Piloting Program to facilitate a property technology pilot within select New York City-owned real estate assets. The program is designed to benefit industry startups, residents, and communities around New York City as well as the city agencies that serve them.

JLLT’s primary objectives of the Proptech Piloting Program are to:

  • Work with the City of New York to identify opportunities that create value for its real estate portfolio, which encompasses more than 360 million square feet
  • Support the proptech industry by making its technologies available for public infrastructure
  • Prioritize the needs of New York City’s residents and communities
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Benefits for New York City agencies

City agencies will benefit from private-sector innovation, better performance of city-owned real estate assets and infrastructure, and a public sector workforce better prepared for the future of real estate.

The Proptech Piloting Program will create a flexible platform that helps New York City agencies improve city-owned real estate assets across:

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Sustainability
  • Performance
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Benefits for proptech startups

Startups selected to participate in the pilot program have the potential to benefit from:

  • The opportunity to scale their technologies in a dynamic environment
  • Working closely with JLLT and the City of New York to identify pilot sites to deploy their technologies
  • Showcasing their potential to investors, customers, and end users
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Benefits for residents and communities

Residents and communities will see their buildings become safer, healthier, more sustainable, and better performing.

Proptech solutions will be deployed through the pilot program to identify and solve issues ranging from identifying impending boiler outages to conserving elevator energy usage.

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