Verdantix: How to respond to the market shift toward hybrid workplaces

As organizations move to a hybrid workplace model, they need technology to manage their increasingly flexible offices and bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Supporting the hybrid workforce may require your organization to embrace new solutions, but there’s no time to wait. Teams must familiarize themselves with the digital tools that will facilitate their short- and long-term success.

This Verdantix research report will provide value to:
  • Workplace managers looking to improve productivity in hybrid models.
  • Real estate executives seeking to improve workplace experience in a flagship building.
  • IT leaders looking to enhance the employee experience of using existing business systems.

This Verdantix report is part of a series that supports the digitization journeys of real estate and facilities executives and provides real estate, workplace and facilities executives with an in-depth analysis of JLL Jet and identifies the most value adding use cases.

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