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APAC Webinar: Real-estate technology strategies for the banking & financial services industry

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Data-driven strategies for transforming real estate portfolios, hybrid work and technology in banking and financial services organisations

A transformation of the built environment, from experimentation to implementation.

As corporate real estate (CRE) continues to evolve, banking and financial services organisations are embracing more flexible ways of working. From space planning and utilisation to workplace management and technology, times have changed, and the industry is changing with them.

However, like with most change, there are challenges – but there is also help available to tackle them.

In this webinar, we address some of these challenges and how organisations are addressing them to embrace the future of work. This includes:

  • Changing real estate portfolios: How banking and financial services organisations can right-size their portfolios and make better financial decisions through the use of data.
  • Hybrid work: By pulling workplace, utilization, and user experience data into one place, organisations can see the big picture and make better decisions.
  • Implementing technology: What to consider when developing a strategy and roadmap for technology adoption, improvement, and consolidation

Discover how we can address these challenges to help banking and financial services organisations free themselves up to be more proactive with the changing trends of CRE and the industry.

Iain Mackenzie, Head of Solutions Development, Financial Services, JLL
Michael Taggart, Head of Commercial, JLL Technologies
Narelle Bray, Solutions Strategy, JLL Technologies
Brad Golden, Workplace Insights Lead, Vergesense

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