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November 10, 2023
Facilities management

FM Metrics that Matter: Common & Critical Facilities

On-Demand Webinar 

Does your FM program meet the critical needs of each environment you support?

Every type of commercial facility has areas of criticality and areas that can be managed less intensively without significant impact to the business. But many organizations struggle to get the data needed to manage every piece of an FM program to its appropriate level of criticality.

JLL facility management experts share best practices from decades of experience with FM data in both common and critical environments, drawing examples from data center FM that apply to all types of facilities.

Viewers will discover:
  • Recommended metrics to track in CMMS
  • How these differ in common and critical environments
  • Identify your own common and critical facility environments
  • How FM software and integrations should support YOUR critical facilities
  • How to optimize internal operations and service performance
  • How to optimize different asset life cycles across facility types
  • How to communicate successes and challenges to the broader organization

Who will benefit most from viewing:

  • Facilities leaders
  • Organizations where equipment asset health is considered

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