Understand how your portfolio and spaces are being used with VergeSense

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APAC Best Practice Series: Understand how your portfolio and spaces are being used with VergeSense

VergeSense is the world’s first and only Occupancy Intelligence Platform. With Occupancy Intelligence, you gain a true understanding of how your portfolio and spaces are actually being used, so you don’t have to compromise between reducing cost and improving employee experience.

We invite you to watch JLL Technologies, VergeSense, and industry experts in an engaging session where we delve into a practical discussion and demonstration of the VergeSense platform and what you can expect coming up with our exciting product roadmap. In this interactive user group, we explore:

  • VergeSense Vision: Join us for a forward look into VergeSense’s innovative product vision and how we are bringing occupancy intelligence to the hands of workplace leaders.
  • Power of ChatGPT: Get a look into the VergeSense Occupancy Intelligence platform and an in-depth overview of VergeSense AI x ChatGPT; your personal data scientist, trained to deliver the actionable insights you need to optimize your portfolio and spaces.
  • Joint Customer Showcase: Dive into engaging customer use cases as we highlight real-time data insights that power cutting-edge results

This session is suitable for both existing VergeSense customers as well as organisations considering how a workplace occupancy platform may benefit them.

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