CRE “Return to Office” Checklist

Step-by-step planning guide for a successful office re-entry

Reopening workplaces shuttered by COVID-19 requires intense cross-functional collaboration as well as agility for adapting to changing conditions.

What are your goals for the reopened workplace? This checklist will help your organization define those goals, then build and execute the plan to lead your organization to success.

This checklist provides an outline to help your organization:
  • Identify and answer the questions needed to define your organization's goals and strategy
  • Involve the right people to create and execute your return-to-office plan
  • Evaluate and prioritize the technology that will be critical to meeting your reopening objectives
  • Mitigate the greatest threats to a successful (and safe) reopening
  • Document and communicate the right processes to ensure the safety, productivity, and compliance of reopened workplaces
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