By Remy Albillar

HqO gets people in the office by upping workplace engagement

Organizations face a two-fold challenge when it comes to workplace engagement. For employees, they want a guarantee that the collaboration opportunities and the personal connections that get them excited about coming into the office will be available. For administrators, there’s a struggle to capture both how employees use the office and how to turn that data into better policies.

Any solution chosen to support workplace engagement goals must offer a solution to both sides of the problem.

One of the core purposes of the HqO workplace experience platform is to enable both employees and workplace experience leaders to get more of what they want from the workplace. Here’s a more detailed look at how HqO helps organizations to strengthen and maintain workplace engagement, regardless of where and when people decide to work.

Overcoming hybrid workplace engagement challenges

Lack of visibility into how many people will be in-person on a day-to-day basis makes collaborating difficult. Nothing is more frustrating for employees than making time to commute into the office, only to find that the collaborators that they wanted to work with aren’t in the building. Employees can’t plan their work week effectively if they aren’t sure when they can get facetime with their colleagues.

Even if workplace directors and administrators are aware of these engagement problems, they may lack the technology and processes needed to recommend transformative workplace policies. Without the necessary infrastructure in place, decision-makers cannot accurately assess utilization problems, measure the usage of new collaborative spaces, or test potential changes to the building’s desk-to-seat ratio.

Organizations can take a unified approach to solving these workplace engagement pain points with a solution like HqO’s workplace experience platform.

Who’s In supports engaging workplaces to benefit employees and administrators

Included as part of the HqO platform is Who’s In, a feature that helps to incentivize employees to engage with the office and simplifies the process of collecting data around that engagement. Going far beyond the capabilities usually associated with space booking tools, Who’s In allows organizations to test and measure results before moving forward with new workplace policies.

Using Who’s In, employees can:
  • Search and find important collaborators more easily by adding them to their list of close colleagues
  • See their schedule and colleague’s schedules at once, making it easier to schedule time that works for both
  • Control which colleagues have access to their schedule via built-in privacy features

These capabilities drive employee attendance by making sure they know when their top collaborators will be available in-person. The same approach can help grow attendance to team-building and social events.

With Who’s In, administrators can:
  • View total seat and event registrations instantly as well as historical registration data
  • Filter registration data by designated timeframes to identify patterns and gaps
  • Leverage a new resource for communicating events and changes to workplace policy

Who’s In also provides administrators with the ability to pilot new workplace experience strategies in one part of the business before setting new expectations companywide.

Learn about more solutions for workplace engagement

As competition for top talent ramps up, organizations are connecting the dots between stronger workplace engagement and higher employee retention.

Learn to evaluate workplace experience platforms like HqO with confidence via our latest on-demand webinar. Connect with us directly if you have questions about the Who’s In feature or want to see it in action.