Hands-on support maximizes current IWMS deployments.
By JLL Technologies

5 reasons to consider IWMS managed services you can’t ignore

Sophisticated IWMS platforms like IBM TRIRIGA, Archibus, and FM: Systems are more flexible, adaptable, and configurable than ever before.

It’s worth determining where the ceiling is on your in-house ability to customize and continuously improve these solutions. Otherwise you risk losing progress toward goals like centralizing your real estate portfolio data or automating lease administration.

Over the past two decades of helping our clients integrate, scale, and service their IWMS platforms, JLLT has mastered pairing our knowledge of corporate real estate solutions with the right best-in-class technology. Here’s a few common warning signs that an upcoming shift in both your property technology and real estate strategy should be under consideration.

1. Visibility into the CRE portfolio still feels limited

One of the key reasons companies invest in an IWMS is so they can stop wondering if data gathered from across the entire portfolio is accurate and trustworthy. If your team is still arguing about competing interpretations of data or still struggling to articulate how much space in the portfolio and how it’s being organized, it’s likely your org needs extra support to accomplish the primary goals of the IWMS investment.

2. IWMS must contribute toward sustainability goals

Businesses are rapidly embracing sustainability goals willingly or in response to federal mandates. The expectation follows that every organization-wide system will begin contributing toward those goals, and many IWMS are not implemented accordingly. Enlisting the help of IWMS managed services experts can help you find a way to connect the dots between IWMS and sustainability.

3. Real estate IT operations costs are causing friction

Is the cost of hiring and keeping people who are experts in IWMS modules and integrations continuing to rise? Perhaps your IWMS implementation is raising scrutiny because the platform isn’t fixing the problems it was implemented to solve? No matter the reason that real estate IT costs need to be curbed, managed services solutions offer a more predictable cost structure for modernizing and scaling your IWMS platform.

4. IWMS implementation can’t keep up with growth

Your organization is in position to expand rapidly. Why not let a dedicated team of real estate technology professionals help your organization build a reliable strategy at a pace that matches your company’s growth? A group of seasoned IWMS professionals can provide on-demand solutions that increase end-user satisfaction and help your organization fully utilize its growing real estate portfolio every step along the way.

5. Your IWMS team has or will lose key personnel

Family and life changes may demand a new direction from a key member of your IWMS team. Top talent may seek out new opportunities. Rather than allow IWMS implementation to stymie and fall behind the prop tech curve, managed services can ensure your system is current and delivers ongoing innovation.

Intelligent managed services drive ROI for IWMS

JLLT has extensive experience implementing IWMS platforms across JLL’s global portfolio and advising our clients on how to do the same. We are certified business partners with leading IWMS solutions that respond directly to the needs of real estate. Contact us to discuss the difference intelligent managed services can make today.