Reimagine your workplace strategy and design with Saltmine

Practically overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic created a massive work-from-home experiment, and the results have drastically changed the way workers view the office and its purpose.

As a result, expectations about health, safety, mobility, and choice in the workplace have created a need for offices to rapidly adapt. Unfortunately, the tools many businesses were forced to turn when re-designing the office were labor intensive, analog, and/or didn’t work for collaborating with distributed coworkers.

What is Saltmine?

Saltmine is workplace strategy, design, and optimization cloud-based software that allows corporate real estate teams to plan workplaces and test-fit new layouts and space designs digitally. By integrating company standards, data, people, and processes, Saltmine delivers an automated, agile, collaborative process with faster outcomes. It also can save you significant time and money.
How Saltmine worksToday, the information about a company’s workplace is dispersed across a disconnected and non-actionable array of static drawings, design standards, spreadsheets, PDFs, and standalone desktop software. Saltmine modernizes the real estate technology stack by eliminating these information silos and digitizes workplace space and design data in a single source of truth.

Preparing for the return to office is an immediate challenge, but we are focused on making sure our clients have the tools to reimagine the workplace to support new ways of working and collaborating. Saltmine has created a new category of workplace technology that consolidates and streamlines disjointed processes, improves stakeholder engagement, and shortens the time it typically takes to design and occupy a new or updated space.

Reeves Davis

Executive Director of Client Solutions, JLL Technologies

Saltmine features

Space programming: Create a workplace strategy that aligns your real estate supply with ever-changing business demands. Saltmine generates an optimized program based on customizable parameters such as density, mobility, headcount, and business line.

3D visualization: Transform and digitize your portfolio, and make your design process more agile by shifting quickly between strategy, real-time costing, and from two-dimensional to three-dimensional design in real-time. Saltmine allows you to make informed decisions early in the process to avoid the hassle of last-minute, onsite changes.

Contextual communication: Enable your teams and relevant stakeholders to collaborate with distributed coworkers by giving them context and visibility into the details that matter the most.

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