Easily manage your FM service providers with Corrigo BI data

corrigo business intelligence service provider insights dashboard

Chronic understaffing in the coming years will force facilities management (FM) teams to use more third-party service providers to keep up with work order volumes. Managing service provider networks is laborious. It’s the most frequent request received by the Corrigo Managed Services team.

The good news is that business intelligence (BI) data can quickly identify underperforming and over-priced providers and give recommendations for renegotiating contracts or switching providers altogether. Though shorthanded, FM teams become more efficient by using BI to inform decisions about their providers.

Behind the scenes, BI churns though thousands of data points to unlock valuable insights that would otherwise be impossible to generate. Dashboards give clear, high-level results of FM performance to corporate leadership with details available via links. Best of all, the data crunching happens automatically and updates in real time.

Amazing service provider insights with BI

JLL Technologies just released a new BI dashboard for Corrigo, the leading software platform for the facilities management industry. Our new Service Provider Insights dashboard focuses on two metrics: performance and cost savings. Together they give customers unprecedented visibility into their provider networks along with prescriptive recommendations for boosting operational performance.

While managing service providers has never been easy, BI makes the process faster and more targeted. The dashboard boils down thousands of inputs into manageable metrics and easy-to-understand visuals.

  • The dashboard’s Performance view includes simple line graphs showing service provider performance over time, labor rates, and percentages for on-time completion and first-time fix. You can also view the bottom 10 providers who underperform compared to competitors in your market.
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  • A related table shows all providers ranked by total score and half-dozen other metrics. They can be researched in detail via hyperlinks to the Corrigo system.
  • The Cost Savings view compares service provider costs to those in the Corrigo database according to location, trade, and work order type. Corrigo processes 15 million work orders per year making it an invaluable resource for benchmarking.
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  • Drilling down into individual service providers displays charts with cost-saving opportunities and pinpoints local markets yielding the greatest potential savings.
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BI delivers near immediate benefits

The data that underlies Service Provider Insights drives confident decision-making, always helpful when presenting or justifying actions to senior leadership. Plus, cost savings from more effective vendor management are captured quickly, usually at the time of the next or first invoice.

The dashboard is a time-saver. While it figuratively sits on a mountain of data, it presents just the right data for making better and faster decisions about service providers. Those data-driven decisions create a network of quality providers who can then be coached to even higher levels of performance and loyalty.

Next steps

Discover how BI delivers essential insights, prescriptive recommendations, and better decision-making for managing service providers. Visit our Business Intelligence solutions page or contact a Corrigo expert today.