Corrigo Business intelligence video displaying the power of JLL Corrigo BI to enable Facility Managers to take more control of their maintenance operations, asset and provider management

Take control. Drive decisions rather than drowning in data.

Corrigo Business Intelligence powers clear, concise, and actionable facilities intelligence with prescriptive insights for better business decisions.

  • Improve service provider performance and receive recommendations on cost-saving changes
  • Identify maintenance and asset replacement before it happens with prescriptive recommendations
  • Evaluate facility performance with recommendations for quicker work order and invoice turnarounds
  • Clearly communicate budget needs and the importance of facility management to other stakeholders
Reduction in service provider spend
Saved per invoice
Spend reduction in assets under warranty
Facility Manager uses Corrigo Business Intelligence Service Provider Insights Dashboard to view data insights on their laptop computer

Improve service provider performance and lower costs

With Corrigo Service Provider Insights, go beyond simply evaluating performance and costs but receive targeted recommendations for where you might consider changing vendors

  • Performance scoring for overall network and individual providers
  • Recommendations on where you should change providers to improve performance & cost
  • Trend reporting on satisfactory and first-time fix
  • SmartNTE¬†benchmarking to ensure lower costs and time-to-delivery
Facility Manager uses Corrigo Business Intelligence Asset Insights Dashboard to view data insights on an iPad.

Make more intelligent asset repair vs. replace decisions

Prevent costly critical breakdowns before they happen. Corrigo Asset Insights guide you through complex decisions and shows you the exact time when you should replace your assets.

  • Portfolio-wide overview of all assets and asset types
  • Asset-level cost analysis with clear recommendations on repair vs. replace
  • Detailed reporting on equipment needing replacement, preventative maintenance, or lacking key data
Facility Manager uses Corrigo Business Intelligence Operational Insights Dashboard to view data insights on an iPad.

Improve internal process and performance in your facilities

With Corrigo Operational Insights, receive recommendations on how to improve performance and stay within budget across your installations.

  • A high-level breakdown of work order and invoice activity across your portfolio of properties
  • Performance scoring for internal tech performance
  • Deeper insight on Average Cycle Time, Work Order Costs, and Performance score

Powerful, easy, and proven.

Gain actionable insights for better decision-making today!

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