Retail Facilities Management

Corrigo drives flexible, efficient facilities management for a large national retailer

Antonio Hinton is the manager of retail facilities North America for a large national retailer. Per Antonio, Corrigo is the backbone of the company’s facilities management (FM) department.

The Corrigo interface enables fewer clicks, saving precious time on every work order. Fluid workflows drive gains in efficiency while allowing the FM team to keep up with 25,000 work orders per year.

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Corrigo is the backbone of our facilities management department.

Antonio Hinton

Manager of Retail Facilities, North America, for a large national retailer


Video transcript

I’m Antonio Hinton, manager of retail facilities for North America. I work for a larger national retailer.

How does Corrigo make your FM operations more efficient?

Corrigo is the backbone of our facilities management department. What I would say is that it allows us to reduce clicks. Reducing clicks allows my team more time, and time is the most valuable asset we have.”

Do you have a favorite Corrigo feature or workflow?

My favorite Corrigo feature is Managed Services. With increases in stores and staff reductions, Managed Services allows us to maintain efficiencies while also keeping up with work order volumes.

What would you tell someone considering Corrigo for their retail FM?

As a retail facility manager, something that’s important is to have a platform that allows you to be flexible. For example, we manage about 25,000 work orders a year, and it allows us to maintain a level of fluidity and changes from time to time. What’s important with Corrigo and good at the same time is that facility managers are able to save time and also save money.

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