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By JLL Technologies

5 reasons to consider Corrigo Managed Services

Smart facilities managers (FMs) recognize when adverse conditions—such as a pandemic, major staff changes, or a rapid expansion—jeopardize their deadlines, budgets, and promises to stakeholders.

But by tapping the power of Corrigo Managed Services, FMs can manage the unexpected.

With its team of experts (who have more than 25 years of hands-on experience in various industries), Corrigo Managed Services partners with your FM team to boost performance and streamline operations.

Here are five common scenarios where Corrigo Managed Services will help your FM team.

1. Your FM team struggles to keep up with growth

Facilities management (FM) teams can easily be overwhelmed by rapid expansion. New installations require considerable time for onboarding—but the hectic pace of work orders for existing installations doesn’t stop.

Managed Services provides your team with the expertise of seasoned facilities professionals who can onboard new installations while also pitching in to manage work orders and boost performance at existing properties.

2. You need to find new service pros but are too busy

When companies move into new markets, it’s difficult to source and vet vendors quickly. Delays become common, and repair costs spiral out of control. Knowledgeable, experienced Corrigo FM specialists can rapidly build a team of quality vendors, take care of operations, and reduce work order backlogs and overspending.

3. Your FM operations are at risk due to downsizing or loss of key personnel

Layoffs related to COVID-19 have left FM teams understaffed. At the same time, experienced FMs who were approaching retirement used the pandemic as a reason to exit the workforce for good. When businesses began to recover, these depleted teams were unprepared for a return to normal work order volumes. Our experts help short-staffed FM teams by:

  • Filling essential workforce gaps
  • Onboarding and training new hires
  • Meeting service-level agreements
  • Managing work order costs
  • Ensuring best practices for your computerized maintenance management system

4. Moving from reactive to preventive maintenance to capture FM performance gains

Break-and-fix work orders are reactive. They’re also expensive and reduce efficiency. Preventive maintenance extends the useful life of equipment and other FM assets, which means less downtime and lower costs.

Managed Services can transition your teams to preventive maintenance, even as reactive work orders continue to be processed. By capitalizing on Corrigo’s expertise, you lay the groundwork for future efficiencies and conserve the resources of your FM team—which would likely struggle to manage the changeover.

5. Your company wants Corrigo but has nobody to run it

Your company may not want to manage facilities. Perhaps real estate isn’t your core business. Or maybe hands-on facilities management is beyond the scope of your team. Offloading the FM function to Corrigo professionals with years of experience enables you to capitalize on their talents while freeing your talents for other core business initiatives.

Corrigo Managed Services maximizes your FM results

With Corrigo Managed Services as your strategic partner, you can transform your FM from a cost center to a value driver and maximize your ROI in the Corrigo platform. Want to learn more?

See Corrigo Managed Services in action.